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  1. Hi all, I have a pool with 5 drives in it that I use for backup purposes. I want to swap out two of these drives with larger drives. But I remember that last time I swapped a drive using the Drive Bender "swap drive" function, it basically moved (not copied) everything from the old drive to the new one. So at the end of the process I was left with the new drive as part of the pool, and the old drive as an empty drive. Is there a way to change this functionality so that it copies (not moves) everything from the old drive to the new? There's nothing wrong with the old drives, I
  2. Ok - I'm back again. Turns out that what I did DID fix the problem....until I reboot the computer. After a reboot, the problem comes back. It can be fixed again with the same method, but it's kind of a pain to have to go in and manually assign a drive letter to these two drives every time I reboot the computer. Any ideas?
  3. 2 things: 1 - This was meant to be posted in the Drive Bender support forum. My bad! 2 - I managed to fix the issue somehow. For reference, I used a program called MiniTool Partition Wizard to re-mount the two drives. Once they were re-mounted with assigned drive letters, then DriveBender saw them in the GUI and properly populated the pool with them. No idea why this happened in the first place (aside from probably something weird associated with the Win10 update), but I'm glad it's fixed!
  4. Recently my computer decided to upgrade itself to whatever the latest version of Windows 10 is. I really need to turn that auto-update off. Anyway, after the update, for whatever reason DriveBender is reporting all my drives as offline. And since I had those drives hidden, I can't seem to access them at all, since the only way i know to re-assign drive letters to the drive is through DrivePool, which does not see the drives. So I guess my main question is does anyone know how to un-hide drives that were hidden with DriveBender, but not by using the DriveBender GUI? Alternatively
  5. I have a few drives that are HFS+ formatted from primarily being used on my Mac. I also have Paragon HFS+ on my Windows PC to occasionally connect these drives to the Windows PC. There's a ton of stuff on these drives already that I don't want to lose. Will DriveBender have any problem creating a pool from 3x HFS+ drives without wiping/reformatting the drives first?
  6. I've done some more research, and I think I've determined the drives aren't actually going to sleep. I downloaded KeepAliveHD, which makes sure drives don't go to sleep by writing a small text file to them every x number of minutes. I have all of the individual drives in my DriveBender array mounted, and I have KeepAlive making sure that each individual drive stays awake. Yet still, often when I come back and try to access the main pooled drive, it takes ~1 minute for the system to open the folder, sometimes first reporting that the drive is not accessible, and only working after I t
  7. Tried that, they still spin down. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the fact that my enclosure is an eSata connection, but is connected to the computer through an eSata to USB3.0 converter. I also just noticed that the DriveBender app has like 100 notifications about "Drive DB1 has gone offline" for DB1, DB2, DB3, etc. I assume this is what's happening when i try to access the main folder but one of the drives has gone to sleep?
  8. DriveBender is working great for me except for one huge issue. I have my data spread over 5x drives in an enclosure connected to my computer via USB3. The array works fine, except for that after ~5 minutes of inactivity or so, I'm assuming one or more of the drives spins down, which means next time I want to access the main folder, it freezes up Explorer for like a minute or so while all the drives spin up. This is particularly annoying because I use the array as storage for a Plex library. So even if I'm watching a show (and therefore actively using a drive), when I try to switch to
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