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  1. Thanks. I've since moved on from windows to sleeping restfully at night with my old love. My 52TB array now lives on an OpenMediaVault server using SnapRAID+MergeFS plugins as well as the ZFS plugin for my new 10TB pool with 4 striped mirrored vdevs, for shits and giggles. Good luck all, it's been fun!
  2. That is why you have a test bed, there is no excuse for people losing access to their drives from a production update, and whatever other issues I read about. I wouldn't dare update until it's proven stable. Famous last words. Well good luck to them, I have enjoyed using DB for many years. I hope they sort out their issues. I wish you would, my quick search has proven futile and nobody seems to want to answer us there.
  3. Oh good, I'm not suffering from the mandela effect.
  4. Has this product been discontinued?
  5. I'm on 3.2, I came here to update only to find Cloud Xtender has vanished and Drive Bender is corrupted. What a mess...
  6. What do they mean by "Automatically Managed". The answer provided says nothing. I run a 24 TB bender pool backed up with snapraid but I also run a 12TB pool backed up with duplication. How does "Snapraid Mode" help me? What does it do? Can I make it work for only 1 pool and not be an all or nothing option? What are my options in this situation? What is the drawback of leaving it enabled/disabled? Is my duplicated pool still protected? I need to know EXACTLY (technical not layman) what it does...
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