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  1. After doing some research for the support ticket, I am posting my observations here so others can see. This is what I found out. In my pool still doesn't work correctly, BUT I can now turn off the FolderWall (as opposed to which wouldn't let me), and doing so solves my problem. Also in I can't seem to see any logging. Don't know why, but the log appears empty at all times. I've asked support to get my FolderWall working, and will report how that goes.
  2. Still busted. I'm not seeing that FolderWall error anymore, but things on the DB drive still don't work. Ran 3.1 installer to go back. Creating a support ticket.
  3. Watching. Looking forward to an update because I would like to start using the FolderWall to protect against malware, especially encrypting malware.
  4. For me it's different. All of the software I have installed there (Steam games, Origin games, Blizzard games) give various errors when loading. Only after reverting back to 3.1 did things return to normal. FYI I have 4 500GB SSDs in my pool.
  5. I am also experiencing this same issue. You guys have got to get your act together. I upgraded from 3.1 to 3.3 and my pool is unusable because of this "cannot read rules" error. Nothing I do (uninstall, etc) fixes the problem and disabling the FolderWall for me just results in the UI saying it's disabled, but next time I view the setting it's ON again. This is disgraceful. I basically upgraded and destroyed access to my pool. Yes, I know no files are damaged, but I can't effectively run any software installed on that pool. Great job guys. I'm hoping I can just find a version 3.1 out there, erase all traces of 3.3, and re-install 3.1 - because I CANNOT RUN ANY OF MY STUFF on the drive pool!!! Fix this PLEASE.
  6. For me, I have a 10 drive enclosure with 2 port multipliers that connect to 2 eSATA ports (each on a separate controller) on my file server. To ensure optimal performance, a file and its duplicate should be on drives that connect to a different port multiplier / controller. Without a way to mark a drive as "can contain primary files only" or "can contain duplicate files only" or (not for me) "can contain either primary or duplicate files", there is no way to ensure this. I was looking at StableBit DrivePool to do this and it can't really do this either; in fact DrivePool doesn't even have a concept of "primary" and "duplicate", each copy is a "clone" that cannot even be differentiated from the other. So dead end there. At least DriveBender makes this distinction between copies of a file, and since you do, can't you just extend it a wee bit so that my primaries and dups can end up on semi-determined drives? I would pay 10x its price to get this.
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