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  1. No, I wasn't sure if this is normal behavior so I came here first.
  2. I have two identical machines (they're file servers, syncing over the internet with Resilio.) One is running DriveBender, the other running DrivePool. They're both running Windows 10 Pro, each with Windows Search (Indexing) service disabled, each with Virus Scanning disabled for the pooled disks. The DriveBender machine has non-stop pooled disk activity, where the DrivePool machine sits 100% idle for hours on end. The DriveBender dashboard says no scheduled tasks are running, but the Windows 10 Performance monitor shows the DriveBender service is the only thing accessing the disk. I've disabled the SMART health checks / reports in the DB dashboard, as well as disabled the SMART DB service to no avail. There's no real I/O happening (MB/s) but it's like DB is indexing files start to finish, but never ending. The box has been running for >1week, and it's not stopped. Is there anything I can try to let this machine idle? The machine needs to be on 24/7, and the constant disk access is no good.
  3. So, the "idle" feature in in the new Drive Bender is piquing my interest, and making me consider migrating back. In the interim, however, I've become quite married to the competitor's file placement rules (which I've used pretty extensively.) All of my music exists on a single drive, for instance, so that there's no chance of having to spin up a 2nd HDD just to change tracks. I remember for a while, there were 'off the books' options for forcing this folder => this drive behavior, and I'm wondering if these features ever got fleshed out at all?
  4. Can someone who's actually tried this tell me what the Drive Idle actually does? Can you still interact with the pool at all? Does it keep the disks from spinning up when opening / browsing folders? Is it utilizing a cache-disk to store changes, or will the disks actually spin up if you write a file? I'm using a different product right now, but "busy-disks" was the reason I left DB in the first place.
  5. It's possible. You add an empty file called "FOLDER.TARGET.$DRIVEBENDER" to the folder on the PHYSICAL DISK you want the folder to reside on, and manually change the "Balancing Method" string in the registry to 1, 4 or 5 for most space, even or cascade balancing. There's no gui support for these options, touching any of the balancing options in the gui will override this ^^ registry setting, and subfolders completely ignore the rules, which means the empty file above ^^ must be in every single one. Here's the original blog entry.
  6. I'd assumed Division M wanted people to petition the community for help before burdening their paid customer support staff, but I guess I got it wrong.
  7. I mistakenly posted a question to the Cloud Xtender subforum a few days ago and it doesn't look like the mods are going to move it for me so I'll repeat my most pressing question here: I'm trying to use DriveBender's landing zone so that downloaded files are are collected on an internal drive throughout the day, and my external enclosure only has to spin up to accept the day's files in one go each night. Problem is, DriveBender's duplicate folder structure means that although the new FILES are being placed the landing zone, it spins up all 8 of my external hard drives just to create the new folders! Is there a hack / tweak / registry setting I can employ to defeat this folder/file structure from power cycling my poor drives?
  8. Long time user of DB, first time on the forum. Much thanks in advance for any tips I can get. My use of a landing zone is 2 fold. 1.) I have 4 x 8TB hard drives sharing an external enclosure. Power to the drives cannot be controlled independently. For this reason, I have a 2.5" internal drive functioning as a landing zone for new files. 2.) I use snapraid, and syncing my LZ dumps and parity sync's really eleviates a lot of the shortcomings of that solution. I'm looking for ways to accomplish 2 things: 1.) Is there any way to manually schedule the clearing of my landing zone? I use consumer grade hard drives, so I'd like to rehash parity data closer to once a week than once a night. 2.) Due to the folder structure of the DB pool, all of the drives get powered on/spin up every time my downloading software creates a new output folder (defeating the purpose of #1.) The competitive software of which I dare not speak solves both of these issues, but I already own and have well served by DriveBender, so if there's any hack to circumvent these complaints, I'm in. Thanks!
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