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  1. Hello, I managed to disable some security settings and now I'm able authenticate the Dropbox into Cloud Xtender. When I create a drive in the local machine and sync it to Dropbox, the drive is telling me 0 bytes free of 4 gb. How am I able to use this drive? Also windows giving me error that a drive has low space. What is wrong please?
  2. I did already after I created this post and they replied already. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm using Windows server 2012 r when I get to the point to try and approve Dropbox, A blank (all white) window opens inside Cloud Xtender. I am not able to approve my Dropbox account. I am able to right click this window go to properties and I can copy the url and open this url in my browser, log in, and Dropbox gives me a code to enter. I don't have anywhere to enter this code. Please help me on how to fix this?
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