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  1. I wouldn't replace a failed disk because I may not have a spare one handy and decide not to spend the money to replace it. I've got about 12 tb, total, in the pool, and maybe use about 1/3rd of that, so it won't harm me to just run the remaining drives in the pool and still have plenty of capacity.
  2. Ok, so not to leave my issue open, what I did, ultimately, is to wipe everything on my box and start from scratch. It's no big deal since I don't use this Windows 7 box for primary storage. It's mirrored information from three different desktops in my house. I installed W7Pro, Drive Bender 3.1 and threw in 6 other 3.5 disks, but did not do a landing drive this time. I copied all the data back to the box using SyncBack Pro and all is well. Now, what I thought was a failing hard drive before was a loose power connection on the drive and that messed up my data. I also bought Hard Disk Sentinel to monitor trends in the health of the drive. This is amazing software. Can an an expert like CBers or Anthony chime in on something? I am asking because I cannot find a clear answer in the community. If I have all drives with duplication on and then I have an out-right failure on a disk drive and also I have no intention of replacing the drive, is the correct procedure to get running again, to go to "Pool Options" and then "Repair this Pool" and then once dupes copy over as primary everything is good-to-go? Thanks again for this great software!
  3. Anthony, I removed duplication and let Drive Bender "do it's thing" but found that the landing zone still had files. Unfortunately, I did not follow the procedure to map a drive to the pool to find and delete the duplicate folders and files because my primary file count was way above my duplicate count. I don't know how that happens, but it must have been because of how I removed a "failing drive" by using the "-" remove drive from the pool button instead following the KB article about removing a drive. I just figured that, after deleting the dupes, I'd still have too many primary files eating away at the storage space. A bit of background - I use Drive Bender on a stand-alone Windows 7 machine. It is a great replacement for WHS v1 that I had for years, but that was limited to 2tb drives. Now, this Win 7 box,with Drive Bender, is an 11 TB JBOD with some media server software on it for a smart tv and Lights-Out software to shut it down when not in use. The purpose of using Drive Bender is to mirror the files from two desktop computers at my house with SyncBack Pro, so that I have only a copy of my main files, rather than an extra storage space. Anyway, I basically started from scratch - and that was perfectly fine with me. I installed v3.1.0.0, recreated the pool from six, various sized, disk drives, (one 320 gb drive is a dedicated landing zone) and mirrored the two desktops to this one computer with Drive Bender. However, I am now enabling duplication on the pool, but Drive Bender seems to be stuck at validating files. Only 222 duplicate files are showing in the pool out of ~166K files after running all night. I tried a file system health check on the pool, but nothing has changed, however, it looks like it ran, according to the log. I see a lot of exclamation point warnings in the log for what looks like duplication tasks. They are in groups (or lines) of 4 . . . . and there are many of them. Here's a group of sequential log file lines. Worker task ID - Waiting on task to signal complete has timed out ( task" TSafeFileCopyTask exceeded: 30000 MS), killing off owning Thread Id: 3 Worker task Id - the file copy task has timed out while copying the file Worker task id - refreshing failed on the file (file path) - returned: crOperationTimedOut moving file from Worker Task ID - unable to process duplicate file for (file path) at this time. Will skip and schedule a new validation task on this file only. Right now, I am thinking of starting all over again with a fresh install of Win 7 and re-installing Drive Bender and the other software, but I'm not sure if I'll be faced with this same issue. Anthony, Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your work on Drive Bender. I know that any software support is time consuming.
  4. CBers, I put in a support ticket, but I'll also remove duplication from the pool, let it run, and then see what happens. What's odd is that the duplicate count shows ~165K files and that's roughly what I'm sending to the pool. The primary count is greater, at ~200K files.
  5. Hello Everyone: I've read community posts here and read the knowledge base articles, but I don't know how to fix this issue. I suppose it's going to be a support ticket, but I'll post the situation here. I'm on Drive Bender - installed because I had trouble with the Landing Zone not clearing - and it did the trick. So, the other day, my stand-alone Windows 7 64 bit box, that I use only for Drive Bender storage and some media server software began to freeze occasionally. I know from the past that it's because of CRC SMART errors on some 12 year old, 1TB, Samsung HDDs that I have owned. SMART says "excellent," but I know the CRC error well from other Samsung HDD issues and decided to replace it with a new WD 4TB. This did solve the freeze up. I use HDD Scan, by the way to check SMART status. In Drive bender console or whatever, I clicked on the blue box with the minus sign to remove the drive from the pool. I later read the KB article about just manually removing the drive, but I did it, what I thought was the safe way, by clicking the blue box to remove from the pool. This took about three or four days to do, but, eventually, I got a "success" dialog box and I could see that the drive was no longer in the pool. However, I was nearing the capacity of the remaining drives and even the landing zone filled up to near capacity. I put the new drive in, formatted it, and added it to the pool with the blue box + sign and let Drive Bender do it's thing. Balancing began to happen ("even mode"), and was successful, yet I still have files in the landing zone. They are only primary files in the landing zone when I click on the info for that drive. ** Main problem: I have approximately 35,000, primary files more than the duplicate count. I have clicked on repair the pool, performed a file system health check on the pool, perform a balancing pass on the pool, and perform a validation pass on the pool. I've done all this multiple times. Still. I have roughly 20% more primary files than duplicate. I also have a nearly-full Landing Zone that won't clear. By the way, I am duplicating the entire pool, all files and folders. ** How do I balance the primary and duplicate file count now? There's no way that I can search and delete 35k duplicate files. This KB article mentions a registry change, however, I don't have "HM Action Multiple Primaries" in any of the Division-M/Drive Bender registry folders. Short of re-creating the whole pool, any ideas from readers?
  6. I am going to try this patch out now since I had another episode of my Landing Zone having a few Gigs of data that never cleared. I also discovered that my Primary file count and Duplicate file count rarely matched any more. Clicking on "Perform a file system health check on the pool" seemed to do two things: 1) cleared the Landing Zone and 2) ran whatever process it is that makes the Primary count = the Duplicate count. I followed the instructions to install the patch, but the DriveBenderService wanted to keep re-starting after killing the process, so I had to go into Services and Stop AND Disable the both the Drive Bender Service and the Drive Bender SMART Service, then, kill the Drive Bender Service once and for all in the file manager. After a re-boot, I confirmed the version in the notification/alerts section. If anything new happens, I'll post again. I appreciate your work on this Anthony!
  7. Adding to this now that I am still tinkering with it . . . If I right click on a folder to show the folder properties, then go to sharing tab, click on the button that reads, "Share . . . ." under Network File and Folder Sharing. Then, once the File Sharing dialog box appears, I have the option of two buttons: Share and Cancel. I click on Share, and the progress indicator shows up and all seems to work fine and I am able to copy from one computer to the other. Any ideas why the folder somehow loses this setting? Thank you.
  8. Hello Everyone: I'm relatively new, licensed user of Drive Bender. My set up is that I am copying files from one desktop computer over a wired home network to another desktop computer with a fresh install of Win 7 Pro with Drive Bender pooling seven drives with the eighth drive partitioned as OS/Programs/Landing zone. I am using SyncBack Pro to mirror the data on my main desktop (source) to this new computer (destination) with Drive Bender on it. This new computer has me as the administrator, as well, i.e. the user accounts are mirrored. The seven drives are pooled and just contain the "mirrored" data from the main or source computer. I have been rearranging files and folders on the main computer then running SyncBack Pro to mirror the changes to the destination computer on the pooled Drive Bender drives. This is basically > 5 TB of files that I've been sorting and then attempting to mirror. Unfortunately, I've started to see permission warning boxes pop up on the source computer that basically halt any transfer of files and folders. Yes, I have read several threads on this forum about sharing and security permissions, but don't know what's going on or how to fix this. Images are attached to this posting. I really don't know anything about permissions and whatnot. I just hoped that simple copying wouldn't cause such a hassle. Any help from the community is greatly appreciated. Is this a network problem? Is this a Drive Bender problem? Is this a Windows 7 problem? Is this a SyncBack problem? Thanks in adavnce.
  9. I think I figured it out. It's odd, though. I am running Serviio media server as a service. Even though the Serviio process rarely shows up in task manager on my Windows 7 Pro machine (1% every so often), it must be doing something behind the scenes to make Drive Bender do "something." I don't know what Serviio is doing in the background that would cause Drive Bender to activate. Maybe Serviio is scanning folders for new files My pool configuration . . . I don't know how to explain that. I've got a Crucial MX500 500gb SSD partitioned into thirds (Win7Pro/Data/DB Landing Zone). The rest of the pool is 7 spinning drives of various makes and models between 1 tb and 2 tb. Gigabyte mobo, 16gB ram, AMD A10-6700. Finally dumped Windows Home Server V1 and am using Drive Bender to make it a HTPC/Backup machine. So far, so good! So, back to the issue. Turning off Serviio service makes my CPU usage bounce around at 1% and that makes me happy. No case needed.
  10. First-time poster. New paid-user of Drive Bender 2.8 Can anyone tell me what the normal CPU usage is of Drive Bender 2.8? My Drive Bender seems to use a steady 24-25% of my CPU constantly. Is this normal? If not, is there something that can be done to reduce this usage? Thank you, Grant
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