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  1. same issue here with 3.4 except that it was NZBget that i was having issues with. after updating NZBget could write to its downloads folder, which was in the pool, but then i got read errors as it tried to extract the files. i restored my OS disk so unfortunately i don't have any other info
  2. so i havent taken this any further, it wasnt working the last time i tested it. I think Anthony did ask me for an update and i didn't reply mostly because i came to realise that adding a networked drive as part of the pool might have performance effects that i hadnt anticipated. i was really trying it to see if it did work. if progress can be made then i am able to help test any changes but i'm not going to drive this
  3. i updated my specific thread but i am still having the same issue with accessing files that end up on a remote drive within the pool on this version. cheers
  4. hi, i just wanted to confirm that this still appears to be an issue in beta. same symptoms, when i try and access from a 3rd pc a file in the pool but physically located on a network drive then i get told i have the wrong username / password. fine on the db PC that has the pool
  5. hi anthony, i am running v3.0.0.0. no problem, as i say i have removed the nas network drive from the pool for now. let me know if there is anything i can test if that would be helpful
  6. Yes, everyone has full control of the Z Drive at the root level. The Z Drive is also shared with other PC's on the network
  7. perhaps i've been too complicated in my explanation. Looking further i can see radarr isnt the issue, i get the same in windows explorer from any third PC. i can answer Cbers Q: i agree normally but because i can access the nas from a 3rd PC as a UNC or mapped drive independently of the DB pool i can see what is on there. i can see it has the complete pool folder structure but only files in some folders. i can see all my problem files are on the NAS. there are no issues accessing anything on the NAS through the pool from the DB PC, its only when i bring a 3rd PC into play i have the issue then ruralcricket: so lets forget radarr, lets just use my laptop as the 3rd pc, from which i am writing this. AFAIK the laptop knows nothing of the NAS, it just sees the DB pool at z:\. but some of those files physically reside on the NAS as explained above. if i navigate to the file through z:\ i can't do anything with it, play it, delete it rename it etc. if i go through the unc or mapped drive direct to the nas at say W:\ then i can do all these things. I can't see anything else that explains this other than permissions. so excluding radarr and just thinking about windows, do you think the scenario i have described above should work? i'm absolutely no expert at any of this but it seemed to make sense to me and i can't see anywhere i could change anything to fix this. there are authentication fields in DB for remote drives but DB had and has full access anyway because i previously mapped the nas drives from the DB PC, but i also filled these in, it didn't seem to change anything. for now i removed the network drive from the pool as i understand there are other drawbacks to this, variable speeds for one. but if it is possible to fix i'd be interested in re-testing this. cheers
  8. Hi, let me start by saying that i understand this is probably very much an edge case but i'm hoping there is a solution. i will try and describe what i think is happening: i have three machines in play here, we have a PC with DB on it, a NAS that that forms part of that pool and a pc on which i have a number of web services including radarr. the pool works fine from the radarr has downloaded a file, which once complete it moves to the DB pc, initially the landing zone when the landing zone is cleared DB moves the file to another pool drive, in this case the nas later radarr rescans the directory it thinks the file is in, looking at the pool and using the permissions it has for the DB machine however the file is now on the nas, and although the radarr machine has separate permissions for the nas it doesnt know that it needs to use them, as far as its concerned it can just see a network share so radarr can't see the file and re-obtains it. but it can't replace it because the the db pool sees the file. i think i proved this by, from the radarr machine, navigating to the same file, both through the pool and directly on the nas. it plays fine when going direct but not through the pool. i see precisely the same when accessing from any other third pc, eg my laptop on which i'm typing now, i can play from the nas directly but not from the pool. i hope this makes sense! is there likely any solution here? am i even right in my thoughts? thanks!
  9. at cbers prompting i disabled the drive idle option, i think i was on by default, and all seems much improved
  10. hi, i've been using DB3 for about a week and unfortunately i'm going to go back to v2. i'm seeing slowness in rendering folders on the pooled drive in windows explorer that i didn't have in the prior version. let me know if i can provide more info
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