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  1. It is a staged rollout, and it is from the 19x branch build, so if you are on 2004+, i doubt you will get the option to download. But, you can get 20H2 from MSFT now, using the media creation tool: Download Windows 10 20H2 (microsoft.com)
  2. Indeed, I am on .... 20H2 is still the 19x branch build....
  3. Just an update, as 20H2 dropped. Still not had anything concrete back from DB Support, and have asked the question if there may be a new version eminent that will work with 20H2. Unless anyone is already on 20H2 and can comment on whether DB works on it or not??
  4. Update: Had a response to try uninstall DB, re-install, and reboot... try again. To this end, again, no luck. My testing steps and response back below: So, i did try that, a few times while i was on build 20161. It would seem the issue started on build 20150 of Win10 2004. Before build 20150 we were on the MN (Manganese branch) ... now we are on the Iron branch. I also did a fresh install of Win10 ... build 20150, did all updates and drivers... installed DB... rebooted... DB came up fine, shut down, attached all my drives, powered up, DB found the pool, and started to remo
  5. I have had a reply back from support, and have provided log files. Will let you know of the outcome! Cheers
  6. Update - So, i decided to try StableBit Drive Pool on another pc with windows 10 (Iron Branch build 20161)... and that also doesn't work. Reading their forums, same issues with newer Iron Branch builds...... guess we will have to wait until a new DB version comes along, or MSFT fixes it! Another post on even Storage Spaces broken : https://mspoweruser.com/the-windows-10-may-2020-update-may-be-causing-major-hard-drive-management-issues/
  7. Just curious if anyone else has had this issue? Updated to Windows 10 build 20161, the pool wouldnt mount, DB service is stuck on starting... so i yanked my ssd out, put a spare ssd in installed a fresh build of Win10... installed DB, attached my drives, and it found a previous pool, offered to bring it online... i said ok. Nothing happened... Rebooted, and the DB service was stuck again. Deleted the mount point, and tried to create a new one. The DB service is running fine, but the Add mount point task is stuck on 0%... nothing happening. I have raised a ticket for this, but j
  8. Hey guys, Had a hunt through the forums, and didnt really find much info. I recently got a 4 bay Synology NAS, and realised what a pain it is having to use RAID again, especially when I want to upgrade / swap out disks. Is there any chance there may be a DB for Synology planned? Would be awesome to be able to tag a disk for removal, as easily as i can on my home server. Wanted to use the Synology as a backup device. Appreciate any thoughts / comments!
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