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  1. I'm not certain if you can accomplish this with drives that already have files on them, but you can definitely use physical drives with hyper-v.
  2. The ticket was answered and the suggestion seemed to work somewhat but now I've got these multiple mount points. Is it safe to delete them? Solution:
  3. Yes, I did uninstall and reinstall and still the same. I'll put in a ticket and see what happens.
  4. After upgrading to the latest version of Drive Bender and restoring the pool from the attached drives it created an additional pool that I couldn't access so I thought that command would remove the additional Pool. And yes. The Drive Bender folders are still there. Thanks. Sent from my LG-H901 using Tapatalk
  5. Help?! I chose the "delete redundant pool option and now when I try to restore the pool from connected drives, I get this error message. Also, no drives show up within Drive Bender anymore. All the drives show up in explorer. Please help. Thanks in advance.
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