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  1. Just from a sys admin background I would say you don't want to setup this way. Your Hyper V host should be only that, not running anything else. You can pass disks directly through to a VM if you want, but MS don't recommend it and there is no performance or other benefit over just creating a VHD on the disk the maximum size and assigning this to the VM. There are benefits to a VHD over pass through disks around portability and recovery and there is no issue mounting a VHD on any Windows system to view the files if required. In saying that I have passed the disks Sounds like you should look at having one VM for managing the storage, running Drive Bender etc. and another for running Plex?
  2. The Drive Bender website says: See https://www.division-m.com/drivebender/drive-bender-features.html#feature10
  3. Yep that's what Ive done, to confirm permissions and owner appear OK. At least some of the problem files appear to be stored on the NAS where the permissions are as below (and confirmed on the files) Owner: WADENAS01\Admin Administrator (Domain): Read, Write Domain Users: Read, Write I can browse directly to the NAS drive like for instance: \\wadenas01\disk3\{FAF3890C-4CFC-4F52-A094-3A14E39344C4}\Shares\TV\... and open the files there OK, but when I try via the shared TV folder from the DriveBender mapped drive I can't view the permissions or open the files. This includes new files I have copied to the Drive Bender folder that have then stored on the NAS drive which has the most space free tonight. Just on another thing that mismatched folders have fixed up it appears, DB was performing a check for a fair while and created missing folders on each drive.
  4. Hi Yes, have mounted all the local drives and browsed to the network ones to make sure from the {FAF3890C-4CFC-4F52-A094-3A14E39344C4} folder and set to replace owners on all subfolders as well as confirm permissions. Like from that view (mapped drive to volume)\{FAF3890C-4CFC-4F52-A094-3A14E39344C4}\movies\movie\movie.mkv the permissions look right, its only under the Mount Point drive letter that only media files cannot view the security permissions for at all.
  5. Hi All Getting up and running with Drive Bender hopefully. Luckily thanks to another users post found my CPU issues caused by Servio and now behaving. But still when I attempt to open any video/media files they can't open. I can't view the Windows Security tab when viewing their properties it just says like "the requested security information is either unavailable or can't be displayed". When I check on the server itself via the mount point drive letter same thing, but if I assign a drive letter to one of the volumes and view the properties I can view them and access the file. All other files are OK its just media files like .mkv, .avi etc. Photos and text files are OK to open and view properties. Also my setup is 8 drives, 4 local and 4 network via a NAS. Previously I had like MOVIES1, MOVIES2 etc through to 8. When I setup Drive Bender and the network drives which don't have a merge option I thought would be OK to just let DB setup the folder structure then browse to the volume and move the files over manually and DB would pickup on it or add them to the Pool. After a couple of days though it still doesn't appear to have. Should it work this way? Or is there some way to get it to "sync" or add these folders?? Thanks Edit, nether mind, CPU back at 25% (one core). How can I possibly find what it is actually doing and why using this much CPU? Like its random even, after I posted this I found Id turned on the debug logging ,turned that off and back to low CPU usage, but then I restarted the service to try fix the file access issue and now back at 25% CPU for ten mins so far after starting the service? There are no tasks showing or anything..?? So why 25% (100% of a core)?? I think I'm meant to use a network mount? Like that creates a share?? So I try that and it just sits there forever yet again trying to create. In the log is an endless loop of like: [Mount: TEST] - Done! [Mount: TEST] - Adding mount point... [Mount: TEST] - DBL - Adding mount point... [Mount: TEST] - The operation is invalid on a redirected resource. [Mount: TEST] - DBL - Removing all mount points... [Mount: TEST] - DBL - Removing all mount points complete. [Mount: TEST] - DBL - Unmounting media... [Mount: TEST] - Mount point unmounting. [Mount: TEST] - DBL - Unmounting media complete. [Mount: TEST] - DBL - Deleting storage... [Mount: TEST] - DBL - Deleting storage complete. [Mount: TEST] - Recycling mount instance... [Mount: TEST] - Unable to complete initialization, going to retry in a few secs... I just wish I could figure what I am missing with all this or how I could even undo this mess this software has made of my media.
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