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  1. I was running 2.8.0 before successfully for some time and following a computer crash was unable to get my pool to start (the service would hang on a reboot). I'm on Windows 7 x64 and using FlexRAID transparent RAID to provide parity for my data drives. Uninstalled the software and installed 3.0.0 Beta. When the pool started it didn't retain any of my pooled drives so I had to recreate the pool from scratch (the landing zone was the only drive that was retained, for some reason). I have 21 drives in the pool, plus the landing zone, so this took a bit of time, which was irritating. From there the speed of the pool was extremely slow - clicking through a folder to view its contents took quite a while, and in some cases the pool got out of sync somehow (files would appear in the pool and disappear that existed on the individual disks). Eventually when I did a file system health check the computer ended up crashing again so I restarted. Upon restart the pool again had to be recreated (again, the landing zone shows as the only drive in the pool). I'm in the process of doing this now. Almost halfway done and the pool is noticeably snappier than it was when I had all 22 drives in there, but will see what behavior I get when all the drives are added. Definitely need to have the pool settings retained on computer crash or reboot, though - takes way too long to put the pool back together. EDIT: Added all drives. For some reason on a few of my 3 TB or 4 TB drives step 7 (updating the pool with folders) takes substantially longer. Folder browsing is faster than it was but still slow. Many files that exist on the individual drives are not present on the pool. One drive has a file that ends in .$DRIVEBENDER but this doesn't show up in the pool. Looks like a copy of an existing file for some reason (duplication is turned off). Not very thrilled with the outcome - there are newer files that are on the drives that are obviously missing from the pool, and who knows how many files that I don't know about that are on the drives and missing from the pool. I don't see any help articles on how to fix this sort of situation. EDIT 2: Looks like after I added all the drives I had to stop and restart the pool for the files to show up. Most (but annoyingly, not all) of the files did show up after I stopped and restarted the pool. No idea why there are certain files that still refuse to show up. I had previously tried to delete the folders that these files are in but the operation wasn't successful, so maybe that could be a contributing factor? Just seems odd since the files are still there and the folders are on all the drives as far as I can tell.
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