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  1. It's also worth noting that while using drive bender, my files would randomly disappear or become corrupted (video files unplayable). I tried finding the reason for this problem by extensively looking through my logs, and initially blamed it on my other automation services. Well... It doesn't happen anymore with DrivePool so... Take that as you will.
  2. I didn't find a solution, and support kept asking for more logs over and over and over. It started to get so exhausting that I chose the absolute nuclear option: rebuilt my entire pool in Stablebit DrivePool. It took me almost a month of copying files, detaching drives, and attaching to DrivePool, but so worth it. Just think about what may happen if your drive bender service restarts in the middle of an important data transfer... Not worth the data loss. My feeling is that most of the devs who wrote this software have since left the company, and they are trying to build out features and maintain the project with a bunch of newer devs who don't understand the codebase as well. Or maybe the code is written like junk and is a rats nest (what the hell is up with the log inspector, anyway?)
  3. Hello, I have recently been having problems with the drive bender service crashing. This has been happening every couple of days. I have attached logs from my windows 10 event viewer, but would like to understand the steps to enable logging in the drive bender service itself (since this probably does not give enough information). When I open the client, it prompts me to connect to the drive bender service (which has crashed), and my pool no longer shows in windows explorer. I have recently made changes to my hardware (Ryzen 5 3600, 32GB ECC memory [memtest passed]) and my version is Windows 10 Pro, 1909, 18363.1256, Drive Bender windows_fault.log windows_fault2.log windows_fault3.log
  4. Really weird... So I removed the drive, and I guess it removed the old DB3. and then the new one was just... there. I didn't need to re-add it. everything operating normal now.
  5. Can you move this to the Drive Bender support forum?
  6. So I think I was on 2.8 or 3.2 before I upgraded (I don't know there have been so many releases lately). Basically, I had a drive die last year which was a 6TB RED and it was given the label DB3. So I removed the drive, repaired the pool, etc, etc. I bought a bunch of new drives and the label DB3 has been replaced with a 6TB RED PRO. When I upgraded I was notified that the old drive could not be found and the pool was put into read-only. I don't understand why it was looking for that drive, but ok. I restarted and now I am getting a new error that the 6TB RED PRO is offline, even though I can clearly see it in windows disk management. I believe it has something to do with the label DB3 being reserved for the drive that died, which was not recorded as removed from the pool for some reason. I have everything mirrored. So to reconcile should I remove DB3, repair the pool, and then add it back? This sucks and makes me not want to upgrade again by the way.
  7. Yeah, used the WD diagnostic tool which failed. Looks like another RMA. I'm wondering if I got a bad batch of drives. Even with the temps reaching 50-55, I wouldn't expect them to fail so easily since it is still within their operating specs. This is the 4th drive out of 6 that I am doing RMA for...
  8. Hello, About 3 years ago, I ordered a bunch of WD Red 6TB drives for storage. During last summer, it became apparent that I don't have the proper cooling for these drives. Before, I was running WD Green 4TB without any issue. I made some changes in my NAS/HTPC to allow for better cooling and such, but the after-effects from summer have propagated throughout the fall and winter. I lost two drives about 3 months ago, and RMA'd them back, and now another drive is giving me a SMART status of Fair. So, first question is what does Fair mean. My warranty is almost up on these drives, and I would like to know if this is a failing status that is eligible for RMA. Second, does anyone know of a good case or server rack to hold 8+ drives? I am currently using this: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811163196 I have always been shy towards getting an actual server rack for a couple of reasons. Server racks normally have those tiny fans that are very loud, and since this doubles as an HTPC, I can't have a jet engine running underneath the TV. Also, I don't have a ventilated closet to store it in even if I decided to just have a separate HTPC. I do really like the idea of hot-swappable drives within a rack though. Another requirement is that the case needs to have enough clearance for my low-pro GTX 1050 for steam games. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -mcfloyd
  9. Fresh restart fixed it. Seeing it now.
  10. SMART status is showing just fine with WD diagnostic tool. Why is it showing not supported in drive bender? It is a new WD Red Pro 6TB. thanks, mcfloyd
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