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  1. Thanks! I do have another issue, my Windows 10 did an update and wouldn't boot. Ended up reinstalling. It asked me if I wanted to restore the pool. I re-added the drives but i am showing two pools, same pool with two mapped drive letters. It's also showing up twice in drive management as two large pools Any ideas? I need to remove the one mapped to drive letter D
  2. I fixed it, I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers...that did the trick
  3. so I successfully added a 2nd drive to my pool, still no luck with the pool drive letter showing up
  4. Now Health status says "Overall Health Status is healthy" Still No drive letter to access files
  5. I moved my drivebender installation to a new computer and having some issues, I went in and prepped all of the drives by taking media out the keyed folders, and removing any traces of the old installation and duplicates. Basically started with clean drives and folders. Latest windows 10 build Drivebender 3.7 Windows and drivebender sees all of my drives, so I thought I was ready to create my pool and start adding drives. I added my first drive and typically the drive letter shows up instantly and I can start accessing files....but no matter what I do, I don't see it. B
  6. thanks, it seems like it worked..still having trouble getting my pool to show up in windows explorer now
  7. Hi, I have a question, I am moving my drives to another computer and figured while I have everything apart I would do some housekeeping. Currently my drives are named like this so I can keep up with them: DB(Number).(Size).(Make) For Example DB1.10TB.WD for a 10 terabyte Western Digital drive in the pool. I have removed quite a few 3 TB drives and added single bigger drives over the last few years so I have some gaps that I didn't address. I have 30 drives, but some drives have number 34 and 35 in the name and I am "missing" drive number 10 for example. I'd like to
  8. Just wanted to ask a quick question, I had some drives in my pool quit showing up, after messing with my media server a bit I got them to show up. Had to restore pool from connected drives a few times to get my drive letter back. Duplication is enabled BTW I got it all working, and I did a pool repair and that has finished. Right now file validation has been running a few days, which is fine...I figured it will be done in the next day. Right now, I can only read from the pool, so I can still watch movies and shows fine. But I can't move files or copy them..it's telling me I need to p
  9. Never mind, I had created another pool, and figured out how to switch them..the correct one had all of the drives and needed to be remapped with a drive letter I am good now
  10. Hey Everyone, I noticed a bunch of files missing from my storage pool that are still stored across all the duplicated folders, how do I restore the duplicated files back over to the primary folders that are missing them? It's a bunch of random TV shows and movies that went missing when I was moving drives around and upgrading to bigger drives I think. But it's random episodes here and there from various shows and seasons. I ran a scan of duplicated files missing in primary folders, and can see the path and they are there. Thanks again
  11. any ideas anyone? It crashed again last night..need help
  12. I have a ticket in with Anthony and just uploaded the sil file earlier, just wanted to see if anyone knows what might be causing this issue while he's looking at it. I am losing my connection to localhost and the drive pool folder almost every evening. I was having this issue with my old Zeon / supermicro board set-up, and recently rebuilt my NAS with a AMD Ryzen 8 core 16 thread CPU/ Gigabyte board and 32GB DDR4 Ram, same issue. I am also running Drivebender 3.3 on windows 10 pro I checked all of my drives before swapping them over and ran a scan on them to make sure they were
  13. Anthony replied to me last night, there was some steps I could try in re-installing drive-bender that seemed to fix the issue. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000568955-Hard-resetting-Pool-Firewall-rules Apparently there's a little bug, that he said someone else had issues with too But I am good now Thanks for everyones replies
  14. It started sometime Monday morning, I tried to do a system restore and roll back a week before monday when I knew it was working....but still the same issue. Def a permissions issue like you said, I can't for the life of me figure out where it's being locked out at lol. I opened a ticket Monday evening and Anthony replied requesting some sil files from the log and I sent those yesterday. So he's working on it. I figured i would ask here just in case something stands out to someone that I might have overlooked. I been kind of backtracking and checking a few things this morning a
  15. I am running windows 10 and latest version of drive-bender I just started having issues a few days ago with not being able to write / delete to my pooled drives. I can read from them just fine. When I try to delete or copy a file to my pooled drive I get a "Destination folder access denied" and "You need permission to perform this action" I am clueless as to what's going on as they have been working fine. I double checked the permissions and I have given full read and write to "everyone" in the security and sharing settings. Nothing has changed on that part. I still have pl
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