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  1. Anthony replied to me last night, there was some steps I could try in re-installing drive-bender that seemed to fix the issue. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000568955-Hard-resetting-Pool-Firewall-rules Apparently there's a little bug, that he said someone else had issues with too But I am good now Thanks for everyones replies
  2. It started sometime Monday morning, I tried to do a system restore and roll back a week before monday when I knew it was working....but still the same issue. Def a permissions issue like you said, I can't for the life of me figure out where it's being locked out at lol. I opened a ticket Monday evening and Anthony replied requesting some sil files from the log and I sent those yesterday. So he's working on it. I figured i would ask here just in case something stands out to someone that I might have overlooked. I been kind of backtracking and checking a few things this morning and still not working, it's def a weird issue with something denying me access to copy or delete to the storage pool. But I did noticed I can delete some jpg files and things like that...but video files won't delete I was also duplicating, which I really didn't need to so because I do a 1:1 backup on another computer. It freed up a lot of space and moved files across my drive more evenly. Before that all of my drives were pretty pegged out and one was almost empty.
  3. I am running windows 10 and latest version of drive-bender I just started having issues a few days ago with not being able to write / delete to my pooled drives. I can read from them just fine. When I try to delete or copy a file to my pooled drive I get a "Destination folder access denied" and "You need permission to perform this action" I am clueless as to what's going on as they have been working fine. I double checked the permissions and I have given full read and write to "everyone" in the security and sharing settings. Nothing has changed on that part. I still have plenty of storage space and all of my drives are still there, none have detached. I moved my landing drive to a different one - same issue. I mapped a drive letter to one of the single drives and I can write and delete to that drive just fine. I can't do it from the pooled side. I went back and checked all of the file permissions to the pooled drives by mapping a drive letter, I had two that weren't shared with full read / write access but I am still having this issues. All of the drives are marked healthy, I have one that smart reporting said had errors. But it is still flagged as healthy. Any ideas? I am at a loss here and have no clue what is going on
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