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  1. everyone Thanks for the help Webb
  2. yes I got your email YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I have to buy the upgrade to win 10 No problem just asking for clarification. I have no problem supporting good software ATT/ Yahoo con be contrary sometimes . My bellsouth email address goes back to the 80.s or 90's i think 😂😁 Thanks Webb
  3. heads up guys, I just sent a service request using my Gmail account and got an immediate reply ticket # 23364 looks like ATT / Yahoo does not like something I will change my account settings when this all over gmail did put in spam bucket but at least I got it I will thanks all Webb
  4. Anthony, I have not received anything . I had this happen before. I work at a hospital and was not getting important emails to my personal email. the @ bellsouth.net is yahoo/ att I can give my gmail account if i need to isn't software fun😃
  5. Had same UID on both. I have different password for each but have tried both passwords on support no luck . have not used in a long time have I have had no problems with site or product until now Thanks
  6. chrome gets a submitted but never get a ticket also I just remembered I cannot log into support site. I am not recognized. I tried to have my password reset but never get reset email if i try to setup a new account says email address already in use I guess it is my lucky day 😂😂😀😃 Thanks
  7. I just sent in a request (Edge green submit popped up) which is a first but no ticket # yet , The last couple of time's I tried the capcha would not respond. hopeful this may help Thanks Webb
  8. thanks , I am going see if can submit request again , will let you know
  9. if you are talking about ticket # for submit request I never received one (after multiple tries) which I thought was strange. I used Edge for 3 attempts and once with IE 11. IE 11 at least had a green box that popped up that said submitted. When I try to release within DB it says invalid license . I think I am in a loop . I have been wondering if something is wrong with the web submit form. Any info I can provide I will Thanks
  10. If I message Anthony, within this forum, is it private? If so I give him my order #, key #, etc. Thanks
  11. It says key is invalid . this is the short key. so I guess he has to replace key or make my key work. I gave info about key # and server id multiple times on submit request . I can provide order # if needed. Thanks for Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I just uninstalled again using Revo uninstaller to get rid of everything , I reloaded and tried the above mentioned key and as expected it said key was in use. I used the short key and it says it is invalid . I have the original email with keys. I am copy and pasting properly. I guess DB has changed the key structure to a longer key and not updated my key. Maybe you can contact the developer ( since you are a moderator) as I have not had success with submitting a request. Thanks for your help Webb
  13. No I did not get 7 days , but it has been over a week anyway. I did notice that the key is shorter(maybe why DB says my key is invalid) than my other keys. When I bought the licenses I bought a WHS drive bender bundle I got 1 key(short) for 2 pc's , they then sent me another key(long)for the other pc per a support ticket The WHS key is about 25 to 28 characters the other key(is working fine) is about 40 characters My question is the long key a replacement for the short key, or in other words is the key a bundle license key. I have had both machines working since 10/2012 with n
  14. I recently lost my WHS 2011 OS drive. I reloaded my computer with WIN 10. I reinstalled Drive Bender and it will not activate. Drive Bender has gone into read only mode after a couple of days. I removed(completely I don't know) Drive Bender and reinstalled with no luck. I have submitted several support requests ( with key and and server ID)but have had no replies. All I need (I think)is for some one to release my key . DB says my key is invalid , I have email with key when I purchased . Maybe key was for WHS 2011 only? Thanks for any help Webb
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