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  1. I recently upgraded from Windows Server 2016 to Server 2019 on my home server, which is running a DriveBender pool. Once upgraded, I was unable to start the Windows Deduplication service (which enables native Dedupe capabilities). I don't use the dedupe features on any drives that DriveBender touches, but I do use it on another drive which stores File History backups for my PCs, which provides for massive space savings. Thinking that the problem was with an in-place upgrade (which Microsoft to be fair barely recommend themselves), I did a fresh install, but ended up in the same situation. Delving deeper into what was causing the problem, I ran the "fltmc filters" command and discovered that there was a driver listed as "legacy" called cbfs6.sys. This is of course the driver that help DriveBender do it's stuff. On uninstalling the driver, the dedupe role immediately started working (after a reboot). I am hoping that the most recent CBFS driver (available https://www.callbacktechnologies.com/download/) will work, but of course I don't think I can just go ahead and use that trial version. Is there a way to test the most recent version of the filesystem filter driver? Thanks, - Russell
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