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  1. I have received the following response from Anthony. Alas.:( Hiding a drive letter based on the logged-in user is not possible, as the drive letters are mapped at the system level (and are not "user aware"). The only solution I can think of is to flag the backup folder as hidden... but then its not visible to anyone, but still accessible if you know its there. Thanks, Anthony Smith - Division-M
  2. I will keep you guys posted. Ticket submitted
  3. thanks for the info- yes I have reviewed the FAQ. Also I have created the separate mount point M:/ for the MEDIA folder, however the point P:/ remains accessible from the HTPC account. I will contact the devs.
  4. hello folks, I am new to DB so please be patient with me. I have some permissions issue that I can't resolve. Here is my setup: I am running a windows 10 PC which doubles as (1) the home theater computer and (2) as a backup server for all family / work files. The pool consists of two 6T drives running from an external enclosure connected via a USB 3.1 port. No RAID configs. The pool is mapped to the letter P: (I know, I am not being too original here...) The PC has two accounts: The HTPC account is limited used by everyone in the family to watch movies, etc. It is logged in automatically at startup, requires no password and has a disabled UAC. The media files are stored under P:/MEDIA The Admin account used to configure the backup program which runs a service in the background. The backup files are stored under P:/BACKUP The idea is to make the HTCP account only see the MEDIA files and not the BACKUP files. Now, here is what I did: when logged from the admin account I navigated to P:/BACKUP folder and used properties/sharing/advanced sharing to set the permissions allowing read and write access to the admin user only. In contrast I allowed the HTPC user to access P:/MEDIA files. I then logged into the HTCP account and mapped the MEDIA folder to letter M:/ so all my media files became accessible from M:/MEDIA so far so good - this is what I thought.... But here is the problem: the entire pooled drive P:/ remains visible from the HTCP account including full access to the BACKUP files. I am unable to remove the mount point P because it then also removes the mount point M. The sharing on the P drive doesn't seem to work at all. What I am missing and how to restrict the HTCP account from seeing the BACKUP files? Thanks and sorry for somewhat detailed posting Ed
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