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  1. I've already created a ticket but so far no response what so ever. I guess those guys are really busy supporting thousands of thousands of Anvil users. 😂
  2. Using uninstall does not work. When I try to uninstall I get an Anvil notification window in the right bottom corner saying "Error, invalid command line options!".
  3. Is Anvil already a dead product? The reason why I'm asking is that there are no activity on this forum about Anvil, you can't submit tickets on Anvil and I'm stuck with a software that can't even be uninstalled.
  4. Hi, Currently you can't even submit tickets for Anvil. With just a hand full of users of Anvil I would expect someone at Division-M to read this forum.
  5. I have to confess, I made a big mistake when installing Anvil after rushing after the free giveaway license. Now I'm unable to uninstall Anvil. I've searched everywhere to find some information about how to uninstall the software but without any luck. I've even reached out of Division-M twitter page and this support forum seems stone dead. Seriously, do I have to reinstall Windows to get rid of this software? Anvil is supposed to protect you from ransomware and malware, but I got very suspicious feeling after installing this software that basically connects you entire computer to "the cloud". When you can't even uninstall Anvil then your software are pretty much the definition of the kind of software you want to protect yourself from. So, please help me out ASAP!
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