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  1. Hello I came from 3.1 to 3.2 and had the error message described here. Went back to 3.1,everything was fine. Yesterday I saw the new 3.3 version. Tried, but the same message again like on 3.2 I went to reg to delete the bad key entry in the mount Firewall line. Restarted. Still the error message. And like another user wrote, when i look into my configuration the 'enable pool folderwall' ist enabled again, so disabling gets ignored. I go back to 3.1 now. 3.1 worked finde so far, the only thing, that is on my wishlist, is to save energy by spinning down some drives of the pool, when they are not needed. But as i understood the changelogs so far, that maybe a thing that is working on at the moment. In conclusion I am happy with drive bender since ~5 years on a WHS2011 based system. Thank you Anthony and team.
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