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  1. Hmm so I suppose the slow down is also happening with physical drives not just for network share.
  2. I was experimenting around adding network shares and but I restart the network share it gonna throw a bunch of alerts. How to delete all of them? Disable the Drive Bender Service and delete those sil files in program data? I have a few of them with up to 100 MB in size
  3. Are there ways to speed up the folder load time with large number of files for pools made with network shares? It takes an increasingly from 5 seconds to ready for folders more than 300 files. I also observed that for moving files, it only moves at the rate of 5 files per second. The throughput of reading the files seems fine. The slow folder load time is only happening to Drive Bender, as accessing the shares directly is fine. My setup: - 2 SMB shares from 2 TrueNAS pools (Drive Bender seems the only file based solution to combine the NAS pools on Windows) - Disabled NTFS security - Turning on smooth stream does not help - Turned on SnapRAID mode and disabled balancing - I actually manually moved those files into the pool, by dragging existing folders in the network share into the folder with the pool GUID, did this screwed up something?
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