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  1. It's a 7 day trial for drive bender. It says so on the home page of the website. It also gives you a count down in the software telling you how long you have left. https://www.division-m.com/drivebender/
  2. 3 Days Left on my trial and I got my keys this morning.
  3. I am in the same boat. I had consider purchasing the unlimited license but opted for the 3 pack just to see how everything went (So fare not so great). Maybe he should let one of the Admins on the forum help him with the keys. Not that it is the end of the world. But it is always nice to get what you are promised. If he is not excited about letting one of the admin help maybe extend the trial period to 30 days to give himself lea-way. So far it looks like a great tool and I am trying to come up with new ways I can use it. I also wish you could clear the error logs in one click. I am running iscsi drives and every time I reboot I get like 20 or so error while the drives are coming back online. It's a small issues but being ocd about checking error messages it can drive a person a little crazy.
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