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  1. Cheers for the answer, just checking i hadnt missed something obvious. The setting for mounting the drives in windows says its not advised because windows can mess with the files. So i guess i'll find a program that lets me log all the files on my pooled drive, just run it every few days, them when one drive fails i can compare.
  2. Just trialing drive bender to use on my media server, impressed so far. There are a few folders i am duplicating (and backing up elsewhere) such as my boxing and photos as these are irreplaceable, most of it i'm not too bothered about, although if i have a drive failure i would like to know what has gone. My question, is there a log anywhere with what is on each individual drive? So if one fails i know what is lost? I had a search and someone asked a few years ago about finding it after the drive failure, which was not possible. By the look of it you can tick the mount each drive option and they are available in the drive bender programs folder, i'm sure i could find a 3rd party piece of software to make a list of that every day. Any thoughts welcome
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