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  1. Yeah after I updated I have troubles with Office files saving too. Guess it's best to also roll back.
  2. After looking more into I found this: http://www.ghacks.net/2016/07/28/windows-10-version-1607-driver-signing-changes/ Maybe it has something to do with that? Would explain why it worked before (upgraded) and not now! And it would explain why 2390 works but not 2400: "All drivers signed with cross-signing certificates that were issued prior to July 29, 2015 will continue to work."
  3. Installing 2390 works fine. Without a problem. When I try to "upgrade" (you have to deinstall first), no way. It doesn't work = because of the driver missing the pools don't startup. At the moment there is no chance to install v2400 Strange I had it installed before and it worked fine.
  4. Also when I download v24 Edge tells me the signature is broken or invalid ?! Edit: So the problem seems to be 2400! With v2390 the download at least seems fine.
  5. Oooops. Please delete. Somehow this message got posted two times!
  6. Hi, right after it finished the installation: Its basically this dialog: So if you say this is NOT normal. I will try to reinstall Windows. Maybe something went wrong with it?!
  7. Not yet. I thought it might be "normal" so I have to "disable digital driver signature verification"?!
  8. Hi, so after a long time I decided to reinstall Windows 10. After it I wanted to install Drive Bender, but everytime I install it, a driver gets blocked because it's not digitally signed. Is this normal? Why is the driver not digitally signed? I didnt't remember that happening before! Regards Tourniquet
  9. Hi, is there a way to mark a drive only for duplicates? At the Moment I've got a couple of problems with one of my drives and I would like to mark it only for duplicates in case it fails. Is there a way? Regards, Tourniquet
  10. I thought they would still give support? I opened a ticked. Yeah the description is very vague and that is the biggest problem for me, too. I looked at the logs all I can see is there are some strange "delete" actions that 100% don't come from me. I also have extrem slowdowns since I upgraded. This I had before. Sometimes I can't even copy a file anymore. My guess would be, there might be some ancient files / registry things from the early beta versions (Its the same pool I'm using since the first beta versions were out) that might make some trouble. But on the other hand I would think there isn't much that could be actually wrong, since the drivers and all other things got updates.
  11. Hi, I always had problems with version 2 of DriveBender that's why I stayed on the last V1. Recently I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 and for some reason my second pool couldn't be mounted. That forced me to upgrade to Version After upgrading I have problems with missing / broken files. For example I convert a couple of files with handbrake. Yesterday while it was working on the file I could see it. Today it's not there anymore. Handbrake said everything is fine, but the file is gone. I had the same file before on a different pool and noticed it's missing there too. How is that even possible? As I said before I always had problems with v2. I sended a lot of log files a long time ago, but the problems couldn't be fixed. I just remember I had problems with recodings from MCE after I installed V2 all new recodings were broken. Any advice? I think the best way would be to go back to Windows 8.1 and use V1 again, right?!
  12. I have. a similar problem. DriveBender starts validating and reduplicate the files over and over again for two days now. After I enabled CRC it seems to stopped with the reduplication and only validates the files. Does it stop for you after a few days?
  13. Whatever is necessary to make the upgrade as stable and reliable as possible is fine with me
  14. Hi, I use V2.3.0.0. on WHS 2011. For some reason Drive Bender won't balance my files. I've got one drive with only 580,00KB free space left while the other has like 90GB left. Is there any way to force it to balance? Or can i just make it manually?
  15. After looking at the swap drive again, there are too primary files which aren't in the pool anymore. The thing about the pool repair is, it can't repair files which aren't there anymore. I also had a couple of files which weren't duplicated. So those files wouldn't be recovered by this. Yes i already submited a ticked. V2.1.5.0 This version takes a huge amount of memory ~ 900MB the service alone. What happens when i copy create a 'FOLDER.DUPLICATE.$DRIVEBENDER' in the pool itself? I ask because i maybe should try to move all things from the other drives to the pool before i start the pool repair thing. But then i'd have more than one duplicate of somefiles. Mhh i should have gone back to v when i first thought there was something fishy about that version =/ damn!
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