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  1. I run the client database repair tool daily but it doesn't change anything tbh I have no idea what the problem is.
  2. Actually no I did not open a ticket on it. Sorry =/ But I think I figured my problem out at least to some degree. My guess is, for whatever reason some files can't be properly access / written to. When I moved the files that fail and recopied them into the folder again, it works. So its either a problem with the disk drive (which I doubt, because neither SMART nor chkdsk found any error) or a permission problem. Anyway I could finally backup my PCs so I'm happy now.
  3. Heya, on this Server I was using DriveBender for a long time but never for the D:\ drive (where the Clientbackup is stored) because I know in the past there were certain problems with DriveBender and WHS 2011 / Windows Server 2012 R2. A few days ago I decided to merge the drive into my current pool and ever since I'm not able to backup my PCs anymore. This was excatly what I was afraid of. I have to admit that the version running there was quite old by now v2.8.0.0 but it worked fine. Now I upgraded to a newer Version and noticed that there were some issues with the driver so I completely deinstalled and reinstalled. But even after that, it still doesn't work. I even tried to manually updating the driver to v6 (which I think is only for win10?). [03/16/2020 20:44:52 c58] MainService: Error: The Windows Server Client Computer Backup Service encountered the following error: Error code: 1237 API name: WriteFile File: D:\ServerFolders\Clientcomputersicherungen\D.VolumeCluster.4096.dat Error: 1237 [03/16/2020 20:44:52 c58] MainService: Error: The Windows Server Client Computer Backup Service failed at (564) of (admin\serveressentials\backup\pc\util\diskfile.cpp) The error I get is random, meaning it always fails to write to different files and it always fails at different percentages. I ran chkdsk on all of my drives but they seem fine. Now I'm out of ideas. I also tried to delete the content.dat of the client backup folder I thought in the past it helped or something, but nah.
  4. Yeah after I updated I have troubles with Office files saving too. Guess it's best to also roll back.
  5. After looking more into I found this: http://www.ghacks.net/2016/07/28/windows-10-version-1607-driver-signing-changes/ Maybe it has something to do with that? Would explain why it worked before (upgraded) and not now! And it would explain why 2390 works but not 2400: "All drivers signed with cross-signing certificates that were issued prior to July 29, 2015 will continue to work."
  6. Installing 2390 works fine. Without a problem. When I try to "upgrade" (you have to deinstall first), no way. It doesn't work = because of the driver missing the pools don't startup. At the moment there is no chance to install v2400 Strange I had it installed before and it worked fine.
  7. Also when I download v24 Edge tells me the signature is broken or invalid ?! Edit: So the problem seems to be 2400! With v2390 the download at least seems fine.
  8. Hi, right after it finished the installation: Its basically this dialog: So if you say this is NOT normal. I will try to reinstall Windows. Maybe something went wrong with it?!
  9. Oooops. Please delete. Somehow this message got posted two times!
  10. Not yet. I thought it might be "normal" so I have to "disable digital driver signature verification"?!
  11. Hi, so after a long time I decided to reinstall Windows 10. After it I wanted to install Drive Bender, but everytime I install it, a driver gets blocked because it's not digitally signed. Is this normal? Why is the driver not digitally signed? I didnt't remember that happening before! Regards Tourniquet
  12. Hi, is there a way to mark a drive only for duplicates? At the Moment I've got a couple of problems with one of my drives and I would like to mark it only for duplicates in case it fails. Is there a way? Regards, Tourniquet
  13. I thought they would still give support? I opened a ticked. Yeah the description is very vague and that is the biggest problem for me, too. I looked at the logs all I can see is there are some strange "delete" actions that 100% don't come from me. I also have extrem slowdowns since I upgraded. This I had before. Sometimes I can't even copy a file anymore. My guess would be, there might be some ancient files / registry things from the early beta versions (Its the same pool I'm using since the first beta versions were out) that might make some trouble. But on the other hand I would think there isn't much that could be actually wrong, since the drivers and all other things got updates.
  14. Hi, I always had problems with version 2 of DriveBender that's why I stayed on the last V1. Recently I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 and for some reason my second pool couldn't be mounted. That forced me to upgrade to Version After upgrading I have problems with missing / broken files. For example I convert a couple of files with handbrake. Yesterday while it was working on the file I could see it. Today it's not there anymore. Handbrake said everything is fine, but the file is gone. I had the same file before on a different pool and noticed it's missing there too. How is that even possible? As I said before I always had problems with v2. I sended a lot of log files a long time ago, but the problems couldn't be fixed. I just remember I had problems with recodings from MCE after I installed V2 all new recodings were broken. Any advice? I think the best way would be to go back to Windows 8.1 and use V1 again, right?!
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