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  1. I think I would really prefer the uninstall/install of Drive Bender. Just less things that can possibly go wrong.
  2. As much as I am on the road, the compact view would be very helpful when I am checking out the health of the Server. Right now it takes quite a bit of searching to assure myself that everything is okay. Thanks
  3. I am also using CrashPlan. If the initial backup time is too much for you, you can have CrashPlan do a local backup and take it to your backup site and have them use CrashPlan to restore it. Then the next time CrashPlan starts on your local PC, the incremental backup will begin. Only works if you can transport the backup to the site.
  4. Has anyone used CrashPlan to externally backup selected data from a Drive Bender pool? I own space on an secured external server that I might use for Photos, Docs, etc.
  5. Thanks guys for your responses. After more research this appears to be a Windows Home Server problem. Lots of reports of the problem, no solutions. I'm running the released version. I'll keep after it and report back if I find a solution.
  6. I had han existing WHS 2011 server running for about 2 months. No problems. I installed the DB RC1 and each night since installing I have received backup errors on differing computers that have been backing up for months. These errors cause backup errors on the individual PC's and on the WHS backup itself. I've been a beta tester for 7 months and have never had a problem until now. No errors on either the client or server event logs, only a message that a backup has failed on WHS. The client says that it lost contact with the server. You have to recover the server backup files which wipes out all the problem computers backups. I'm in quite a quandry, anybody have suggestions?
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