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  1. Installed, running fine so far, cause I drove crazy, with all previous versions the last couple of days, pc became nearly unusable, not only the pool.
  2. I upgraded to v 2170 sometime ago without uninstalling the previous one, and I ended up having both the manager and the console. I guess I don't need the console anymore, it's been integrated into the latest version, but I can't get rid of it. Should I uninstall the application completely and re install it again? I am running Win 8.1 pro.
  3. Happy New Year everyone, I am a bit impatient, but do we actually know of v2's final release date?
  4. That's what i thought. I am not changing any hardware at all, just the operating system.
  5. I am planning on upgrading to Windows 8,. Should I release my license, format the disk, install the new OS, install DB and then reactivate it? Or these steps are not necessary?
  6. When? I guess it's a matter of days before it becomes available.
  7. I can also confirm flawless DB's latest version run in Windows 7 x64.
  8. No they are WD's. The ones attached to the Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8, pass SMART data perfectly.
  9. I checked it more than a month ago, and it seems a bit complicated. Furthermore, I am not sure if I it applies to me.
  10. I am using an IBM M1015 controller in IT mode with 7 HDD's attached, but it does not show any smart data for the drives.
  11. I quote from a previous question: Does this version bring with it the Windows 8 / Server 2012 media files metadata issue fix? The answer was yes, has anyone who experienced such an issue in the past confirm that it has been resolved?
  12. Has this issue in Windows 8 been solved with the new version
  13. Uninstalled the previous version, rebooted, installed the new one. So far, seems to be running fine. All previous versions, we were able to install on top of the others. This shouldn't be happening.
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