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  1. In order to use google as an smtp server in Drive Bender we need SSL support. Is this planned for a future release? Awesome work so far! :-D
  2. bump - anything Drive Bender? This is still a feature that I'm sure a lot of people would like to see implemented. I certainly would love to have a simple page that showed if a drive was asleep or running. If the system drive had a central database of what files are on what drive, couldn't this feature be implemented fairly easily?
  3. Thank you getting back! I look forward to hearing about a solution soon!! hopefully. This week one of my drives has gone bad, and it seems so wasteful since it gets utilized so rarely. Again, thank you.
  4. Thank you everyone for the feedback.... I still raise the question regarding drives actually spinning down. As far as I can tell the drives in my pool do not spin down, which is a shame considering they are not in use 90% of the time. In regards to leaving them on - it is not an option. Besides backing up Vulcantourist's views for wear and tear reasons, I simply need to cut the energy use. I use green drives as it is - but the server still draws about 120 watts. I'm moving to going green, and I find it frightening that this isn't a larger issue. Smalled appliances such as external hard drives or Time capsule auto spin down, so why can't these highly customizable computers follow suit (Although it is an option in the power settings we all know it doesn't do squat)
  5. Maybe i'm just a nerd, but then again we all are here. I know drive bender now has support for drives to enter sleep state and I think it would be really nice to have an indicator telling me in a simple way which drives are sleeping in real-time. It would help keep track of drive usage, and would be welcomed by a lot of users I feel. Thank you for a great product! Keep it coming!
  6. I use WHS - It seems to be better now that I reinstalled though :-) On another topic - I'd like to say that I really do like the new look and feel to Drive Bender. Of the things that I would improve on I would say using a pie chart for storage size and usage is probably a slightly nicer look as it is simple. Also, for whatever reason the loading status bar doesn't like to disappear and it will sit on top of whatever menu you are in until you close the dashboard. Good job guys!!! Loving it.
  7. I'm running into some problems with this new upgrade. Is anyone else getting awesome transfer speeds, but computer backups are taking a ridiculous amount of time? My laptop for example has been backing up for an hour and its only at 4% and my desktop only gets to about 8% before the computer backup service conks out. Also the drive bender health service doesn't respond. I guess i'll try a fresh install (I upgraded from
  8. I too use crashplan.....375 gigs and counting. apparently it'll be another 2 months before my 3.5tb are done (i think its lying)
  9. Could there be a way to have Drive Bender selectively shut down drives when their not in use? Perhaps if the duplication system isn't running, and the files aren't being accessed directly a cache can be kept of file names to help buffer the time it would take to spin them back up - a visual representation would help too. I know its difficult to do but I have my drives set to spin down and they def do not.
  10. That is a GREAT idea - It would just need to be implemented in a way so that anyone who uses the software won't be confused by what it means. +1
  11. Will do. I can't get security essentials running on whs 11 so I run ESET. Is the process for downgrading exactly the same as upgrading? Thanks for the quick response.
  12. UPDATED: pool went down. Here is the log in the log screen. it CONSTANTLY goes down..poor screenshot cause the upload limit is like 1kb
  13. OK! that was fast.....the pool just died again. So far nothing new in the system logs or notification area - earlier in the running tasks area there were yellow warnings about not being able to duplicate because the pool was unavailable. I dug up the .sil files from today and am including them here through Wetransfer since they are too large to attach here. hopefully they can help in this process. http://wtrns.fr/a6tgMsT1jRYV3w If the logs start filling up i'll add whatever I find.
  14. I've restarted my server earlier so when it happens again I will post whatever i find. I don't have the machine running hardcore I/O though, and the server mostly sits and runs - and streams small stuff to a tv or to my workstation. I'm afraid to downgrade however - does drivebender have a new update coming down the pipe in the next week or so? I think this needs a top priority fix if i'm not the only one running into problem
  15. I would LOVE to see a nice chart of how and where my storage is being used. Currently when looking at the drive bender page it only shows amount of space free/used per drive inside the pool and it really should include an OVERALL summary in a visual way - with a breakdown of how much space is taken by videos, music etc. ALSO - I would really love to see the running tasks represented below the drive list in a twitter like box that will run in real-time.
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