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  1. Is anyone using Drive Bender with a DAS box on WHS 2011. I am looking at increasing storage on the server and wondered if anyone had good or bad luck with such a setup on an Intel server. Price is right and I have some 2TB and 1TB drives around I could fill the DAS with. I store Movies from my DVDs and Blu-rays and I hope the e-sata port (if it works) is fast enough in case several disks are in use on the DAS. :-\
  2. I am trying to understand something. I have W7 drives on a htpc that I would love to just install under the drive pool on my WHS 2011 server. Can I do this and would the folders from the W7 Machine then become part of my server folders or would they become folders not under server folders thus not being accessed properly. I am probably a little lost and any ideas would help me on this my first post in this forum. KCJACK
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