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  1. Hi at all i think i found the Problem. When i disable the S.M.A.R.T Option the Hdd stay in Standby.
  2. Hi at all sorry for my bad English. I hope you can unterstand my Question. I?ve updated to the actual Version of Drivebender and install a new OS. (Win7- Win2008 Server). Now i habe the Problem all Hdds goes after 20 min in Standby but a few(10-30min) after one or more Drives cames back from Standby. There ist noch access on the hole Server. I allready look at the Option "Drive Balancing" but it is off. Can anyone help me?
  3. Hi I have a problem on my 2008 Server. I have placed in DB mount points as shares. Now I have the problem that I cant?t change the privileges of these shares . Whenever I delete the User "everyone" and add 1 or 2 other Users, after the reboot is "everyone" back in there. Test with "normal" releases have shown that there is normal. It's up to the DB shares. Can someone please help me. cu
  4. Hi firs of all sorry for my english. I had activated my Drive Bender in November. Now ich changed my Server Hardware (new Mainboard, Cpu and Ram) and i cant actived my License online. An Error appers something like "The License is activated on an other PC-Hardware" How can i handle this Problem? Plz help cu
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