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  1. Are you using Homegroup?? I've found that with Homegroup activated Windows ignores regular share permissions
  2. Thanks, I forgot about the console view I used to use it all the time.
  3. Problem is with my 11 drive pool it's a pain to check free space on each drive. All the charts and graphs get in the way. I wish there was a way to change back to the old interface where I could see all the drives on one screen.
  4. I use it as a "landing pad" for automated downloads from sabnzbd. Once the file is downloaded and joined it is moved to the pool, this keeps drivebender from having to deal with constantly changing files
  5. What if you only installed Drive Bender on server 1 and mirrored the individual drives on server 2 if you ever needed to activate server2 simply installing DB should recognize the drives as a pool. I know it's not exactly what you want but just thinking out loud Sorry, just re read original post, load balancing wouldn't work. Mike
  6. I think I have it sorted, more MS problems. Apparently my certificate is set to expire in under 30 days and when Windows sees this it attempts to notify me. When the notification fails for some unknown reason it crashes the WSDNM service. Upon starting the service the first thing it does is attempt to notify and crashes. Has anyone received an expiration notice in WHS or is it broken for everyone? Mike
  7. The Windows Server Domain Name Management service has been failing for over a month and I finally found the time to look into it. It seems that this first occurred shortly after updating Drive Bender, has anyone else experienced or heard of this service failing? Mike
  8. Actually I found that you can plug them in wherever you want and Drivebender will find them. I think it uses files on the drives for identification and not locations. It's all pretty intuitive when it comes to restoring the pool. Mike And yes, I meant unplug the drives.
  9. You should probably disconnect the pooled drives before installing, after installing drive bender reconnect the drives and it should recover the pool. I've been through it several times and have never had a problem. Mike
  10. I got it working using rpfree06 a freeware program. I had to edit webroot in all the programs .ini files to add /sickbeard/ or whatever the progs name is in the uri field of the URL. Also had to change the binding of the default website for http to something other than port 80, I used 88, as the rpfree06 runs on port 80. I attached a dropbox link to the file I used with all the rules I made, just unzip to C:\ and run the .exe, you'll probably have to edit the rules a little. After you run the .exe a red blob will appear by the clock, right click it to get to the setup menu etc. there is an option to run as service which is nice. Once it's set up you access the programs from the internet by http://server_url_here/sickbeard/ or sabnzbd, headphones, couchpotato. Access them from your local network with http://servername/programname. the link to the file is http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30655053/rpfree06.zip I probably forgot something so feel free to ask questions. Mike
  11. That tutorial is for Apache. I really don't want to install another server on my WHS box but might end up doing it anyways. Anyone with a pure IIS7 solution? Thanks for the links and if you get it set up let me know. Mike
  12. Hi, I know off topic but isn't that what general discussion is for? I'm running Sabnzbd, SickBeard, Couchpotato and Headphones on my WHS 2011 as services and want to access them from the internet but not open up 4 more ports in my router. Does anyone know of a simple tutorial on setting up reverse proxy on WHS 2011? Kind of looking for a Reverse Proxy For Dummies. Thanks for reading and any help you can give me. Mike
  13. I'm running MS Forefront and have had no problems. Mike
  14. I keep the system drive out of the pool for ease in reinstall or drive failure. You could remove the rest of the 500 gig from the pool and use it as a individual drive or expand your C drive size. I use an individual drive as a "landing zone" for sabnzbd to do it's magic before moving the completed files into the pool. My personal opinion is you shouldn't put the D drive in the pool. Mike
  15. Try going into properties/security/advanced and change owner and permissions there. Look for the checkbox on the bottom to apply to subfolders and files. See if that sticks. Mike
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