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  1. Windows Home Server 2010. For many months, from either a remote desktop or client W10 PCs, I have been unable to access certain folders in my ServerFolders. Specifically Music, Pictures & Video (all system created). However no problems with folders I created. All I was getting from Permissions / Security / Ownership was 'Unable to display current owner' . I could not change the ownerships. Yesterday I tried mapping each of the pool drives. Then on each mapped drive, I was then able to access the M, P & Vs ownerships and simply reset each to Administrator and the problems were gone! Am still having problems with CLIENTS BACKUP, which ceased some while ago and I can't restart.
  2. WHS2011 - I also had to revert to 2400
  3. Suddenly I have the same issue ( on WHS2011) Other than Windows updates, have altered nothing on my server for some while. As a result am now running out of pool space. Submitted a support ticket Wed 14/09/2016 09:53 (UK) but heard nothing.
  4. I am unable to download v2.3.5.0. Browser reports No data receivedERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE ReloadHide details Unable to load the web page because the server sent no data.
  5. Ralph

    Beta v2.0.2.6

    My problems with mapped drives have been fixed in v2.0.2.8 Thanks
  6. Ralph

    Beta v2.0.2.6

    v2.0.2.6 WHS2011 (System Drive is an SSD) Client Win7x64U MSE (All fully up to date) I'm having problems accessing from a client (Not accessible/Access denied) previously OK mapped shared folders in the pool from client computers. It seems that other than a recycle bin, a 'blank' mapped drive is created that a homegroup client computer can't access. Have tried clearing & re-establishing the mapping, but it doesn't help. Have tried network troubleshooters etc. From the server, running the HomeGroup troubleshooter, I get - Unexpected Error. The TS wizard can't continue. 0x80070057 I'm also having a problem with getting my License key to 'stick'. Every time I reboot, MY license is replaced by the temporary one. Could these issues be linked?
  7. Hi everybody - don't like to start off with my tale of woe... WHS2011 installed on my HP485 (headless). No server backup. I installed a trial DB a couple of weeks ago (& now upgraded to & have just got round to sorting it. Originally I pooled D + my additional 3 1.5Tb drives, then after comments read here, I removed the D drive from the pool. My ServerFolders including my Client Computer Backups are all on the pool (not without difficulty...). My server will now no longer back up any clients (all w7x64) reporting 'No backups available & The backup is not successfully set up, An unknown error prevented the server from performing the task'. Make sure all services on the server are running, and then try again. (WS Server Backup Service is started). Event viewer reports Event IDs 267 & 271 The Windows Server Client Computer Backup Service failed at (1714) of (d:\wssg_src\hsbs_colorado\backup\pc\util\datafile.cpp). [i can't find datafile.cpp anywhere] The Windows Server Client Computer Backup Service encountered the following error: Error code: 0x5 API name: GetFileAttributesEx File: E:\ServerFolders\Client Computer Backups\S-1-5-21-3161307467-197533064-774703749-1012.Machine.configdat Error: Access is denied. & LOADS of Schannel 36887 & 36888 Events (Starting before the DB install) The following fatal alert was received: 42. The following fatal alert was generated: 10. The internal error state is 1203. As an experiment to fix the problem I removed one of my lesser computers from the system, uninitialised the connector, which won't reinstall. Similarly reporting 'An unknown error.... Please help me fix this. (Is there a 'roll back to an earlier point? or a headless repair method?)
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