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  1. I'm asking because I read this: "This is the froth and final beta of the Tomcat release. We are looking at Tomcat going gold in late March... with a couple of added surprises," posted here: http://forum.drivebender.com/index.php?topic=814.0 and have seen nothing further regarding its release as we approach mid April. Thanks for your input!
  2. Hi, Please advise a final release date for Tomcat. Thanks!
  3. Ok, thanks; I'm looking forward to it's releaase as I am ready to install the most current, stable and feature packed version of DB!
  4. Hi, Any known issues with DB and WHS add-in "Lights-Out For Windows Home Server 2011?" Thanks,
  5. Hi, When can we expect Tomcat "Gold" to be available for download? Thanks,
  6. Any known compatibility issues with Drive Bender and AVG 2012 File Server Edition Antivirus software? Thanks,
  7. Thank you for your sharing your experiences with this board! I also had an issue with getting Sleep / Hibernate to work when using Lights-Out add-in on a previous (different hardware) build with WHS v1, which was resolved by using the correct video driver (never would have thought there was a connection). I am currently using / testing DB, although with different hardware, and I guess I took the statement under General Discussion (Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board) literally thinking there would be others using both the subject mb and Drive Bender. Thanks again!
  8. I'm considering an Intel DH55TC motherboard (and an i3-550 CPU w/ on die graphics) and was wondering if anyone else has used this motherboard for their WHS 2011 build. I'm particualy intersted in experiences with driver support as Intel does not appear to officially support server OS's on this board, although I understand that drivers designed for Windows 7 64-bit should work if the driver (.exe) package is unpacked. Thanks,
  9. I just wanted to add to my previous reply that I appreciate your thorough explanation! I now get that 1230 contains everything in 1222, and enhancements / fixes for 1.3 that have to be tested to make sure they work (and didn?t break anything previously working in 1222); hence it?s considered a beta at this point.
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