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    silkshadow reacted to Martin in Drive Bender with 3 SSD's ?   
    I have opened ticket now, and have also installed my new SSD's that are to be used as Steam Games Library; hopefully as one drive, as that would be very convenient.
    Thus far: 1. Created a new "SSD Pool" (L:) and added two SSD's to it. 2. Pool is recognized by Windows as (mediatype) 'Hard Drive' and not 'Solid State Drive'. 3. Ran the "winsat diskformal" command from link in #3, and this performed some evaluation of the hard drives. Pool is still recognized by Windows as (mediatype) 'Hard Drive' and not 'Solid State Drive'.   Noted: The SSD's themselves without drive letter is recognized by Windows as (mediatype) 'Solid State Drive', while the Drive Bender pool with a drive letter (where said SSD's is included) is recognized by Windows as (mediatype) 'Hard Drive'.   For now: I have unchecked the Drive Bender pool drive letter (L:) from Windows automated "Scheduled Optimization", but left the individual SSD's which constitutes said pool on schedule.   Q1: So... this should in theory be safer to not have Windows wrecking the SSD's with defrags and what not, that one had to turn off in earlier Windows versions back when Windows didnt recognized mediatype by itself..?   Q2: Is there any "speed test" software that could be run on a Drive Bender pool drive letter. "HD Tune" does not want to do this, as it only pulls all drives in system one by one disregarding drive letter(s) such as one that constitutes a Drive Bender pool.
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    silkshadow reacted to oj88 in A sad day!   
    Well, there's a glimmer of hope: http://blog.division-m.com/
    The force awakens...
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    silkshadow reacted to Anthony in Windows Server 2016   
    Server 2016 support is part of the up and coming v2.5 release.
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