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  1. Hi w3wilkes, sure, both partitions are in the pool. I choosed that way because I still hope for DB to support VSS, which is limited to 2TB . Ahm... if I understand you correctly, DB does not recognise that 2 partitions are on the same physical drive? You are 100 % sure about that?
  2. Hi, I've just replaced a HD within my pool and realised the following during the swapping procedure: 1. DB reads the file to be moved to the new HD 2. DB writes the file to the new HD 3. DB reads the file again for verifying from the old HD and builds a CRC sum 4. DB checks against the file on the new HD Couldn't step 3 combined with step 1, so the file to be moved would be read once instead of twice? Thanks Tobias
  3. I just ran into something similar. I've partioned a 4TB HD into two 2TB partions (I run WHS 2011) and for some reason the second partion took too much time to become online, so DB complained about 1 HD not being available and put the pool in read-only-mode (could not be the HD itself, because the first partition was available). One second later everything was nice again. So I think some kind of threshold could do no harm . Greetings Tobias
  4. Hi all, I just replaced a drive in my DB-Pool and I realised that the landing zone is used during the moving files process. I don't know, but I think it would be more productive in this situation, when DB writes the files to the new HD directly. Writing to the landing zone, verifying, moving from the landing zone, verifying, sounds done twice at least for these occasions. I think it would be nice to exclude the landing zone during this process or have the option to. What do you think? Greetings Tobias
  5. Problem was solved with DB v2040c. Thanks Anthony! Greetings Tobias
  6. The drives are fairly new. You can never know of course, but according to the built in Hard Drive Sentinel everything is fine. So I'll open a ticket and update this thread, if there is anything new. Thanks for your help Tobi
  7. Hi, I've got around 80 files, which show up in the system log as "Orphaned duplicate file found [....]". According to the manual I should start the pool repair option. I did this several times, but the orphaned files are still there. Is this expected behaviour or am I understanding something wrong? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks Tobi
  8. Hi veepee, I've reported a similar issue and opened a support ticket. Division-M is working on a fix. Just wanted to let you know. Greetings Tobi
  9. Hi, I guess I have the same problem and found this in the manual: - Search for duplicate files that have missing primary files: This will search for all duplicate files that do not have a matching primary file (only under folders marked for duplication). Files in this state (orphaned duplicates) are not visible via the pool, and can only be found using this method. To recover files in this start, use the pool "Repair" option. Funny thing is, it did not help with my orphaned files *shrug* Maybe someone has another idea? Greetings Tobi
  10. The new User Interface does not work for me via remote on a client machine (s. attached screenshot). This is since DB Starting the DB-Manager via Remote Desktop on the server works as expected. Any suggestions to this issue? Thanks, Tobi
  11. Hi! Support is scheduled for version 1.5 http://support.drivebender.com/entries/21980032-the-whs-2011-server-backup-feature-fails-with-an-error-when-performing-a-backup-of-a-drive-bender-mo Greetings Tobi
  12. Hi! I think something similar has been discussed in this http://forum.division-m.com/index.php?topic=1009.msg3725#msg3725 thread. Seems to be a bug in Windows 8.
  13. Hi! Referring to this thread: http://forum.division-m.com/index.php?topic=1339.msg4368#msg4368 (replying seems to be allowed for moderators only in category "Announcements and News"), I did not notice any change when copying via network. However, with smooth streaming enabled, copying is slower by about 40 MB/sec. Without buffering I get about 100 MB/sec, with about 60 MB/sec. The other thing I noticed is, that the mounted pool is not available via network share or remote console when the server returns from standby. This did not happen in previous versions and does not happe
  14. Yep... runs without any problems... SMART Data is finally available for me (AMD onboard SB710). Greetings Tobi
  15. I can add, that I have a delay between video and audio, when Smooth Stream is enabled. Without Smooth Stream everything is fine. The file I have tried is .mkv playing via ZoomPlayer.
  16. Hi! None I am aware of. Runs fine on mine WHS 2011. Greetings Tobi
  17. @w3wilkes: Many thanks for pointing that out. I've been wondering why my folder.jpg files were screwed up and I have blamed MediaMonkey for that.
  18. Hi Mikhail! Maybe the iso-file contains Alternate Data Streams (ADS)? I am not sure, if DriveBender supports this. You could check via command prompt: "dir somefile.iso /r" without the quotes.
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