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  1. Okay, should I have converted the first drive and then merged the other drives?
  2. It seems to me that the function "Drive Letter Management" should have taken the converted drives and unassigned the drive letter - but all 5 drives still show in Windows explorer with their original drive letters. Also in windows explorer is my pool mount (P:) which has no contents. All 5 drives and the pool mount show 2.39TB of 8.18TB free which is correct for the 5 combined drives.
  3. Hi All, I've installed db on my whs 2011 which has an external enclosure with 4 drives over esata I converted and two internal drives, one of which (non-OS) I've converted to the pool. All good. In db manager I see 5 drives nodes and under mount point I see the original 5 drive letters. My question is this - how do I see a unified view of all 5 drives mapped to one drive letter? I added a pool drive letter but on opening it there were no files although the used/free space did correlate with the 5 drvies. Does db not give my that type of view I saw in whs v1 with de? I want to just stick stuff in the folder and let db work out which physical drive to put it on and balance the storage. Does db not do this? Many thanks, Baz
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