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  1. Yeah, I'm kicking that idea around yet (going back to WHS2011). My old server with WHS2011 was constantly having issues with the backup client service stopping. I could never find any solutions that worked. Plus the hardware was HP Proliant N40L Microserver, which isn't the most powerful unit out there. Even though my new server is using an old Intel Q6600 quad core w/ 8GB ram it is so much faster than the N40L. But, I'll work that out. Meanwhile, I still don't see any meaningful information in the pie charts of the pool.
  2. Ok, I got it sorted out. The steps here did the trick: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/fix-failed-to-enumerate-objects-in-the-container Now to figure out how to access the WHS 2011 client backups... not a Drive Bender challenge. thanks, Mike
  3. Not exactly as they outlined, but I will do so tonight after work. Thanks for the link.
  4. Yes, that is what it appears to be. So far, none of the techniques listed on the FAQ are resolving it (disk part, mount point folder properties). My account is admin but still no joy. I've updated Anthony - maybe he has a solution. I'm considering deleting the pool but it isn't clear what happens to the underlying data if I do that. I don't want to blow away the drives. This has been an issue since moving the drives to a new PC (Windows 10 Pro). Old server was a WHS 2011 box.
  5. Yes, I've changed the pool view and it remains the same view of the pool status. The image above is the same as I see today. I have a ticket open with Anthony and we are working through it. I can't access the files on the pool either. It gives an accessed denied error. So I'll search the site for more info. thank you for the suggestions. --- To clarify, the current problem is inaccessibility to the files. I tried the disk part command to clear the readonly attribute. It claimed success but still no access. And I can't change the security via the properties to allow access.
  6. Hi all, I just rebuilt my home server around W10 Pro. I've moved the drives to the new box, and have my DB (V up with my permanent license. It shows my four drives as pooled but strangely as non-pool used for the most of the storage (see attachment). I had initially brought the pool up and it complained about not being able to created Drive E:. I noticed two pool instances so I deleted one as it didn't even have the drives in it. But I can't figure out how to get my pool back. Not sure if I should attempt a pool repair, delete the pool then restore, or?? thanks for any tips and help! mikehd
  7. Hi all, I can't find anything explicit on the Division-M site nor the Drive Bender links regarding the cost to upgrade from 1.9.5. I do see that buying the 2.x version has lifetime upgrades. Any info would be appreciated. thanks, mikehd
  8. Your best path is to open a support ticket. I haven't encountered this particular issue, but a ticket will get support's attention much faster.
  9. Understood. I can try with a PC I have connected to my TV and see how WMP or VLC performs. Update: I used both VideoLan and WMP 12 to test out a 24GiB, 26Mbps .m2ts video file and can report that VLC had numerous stuttering issues as you described, but WMP 12 did not.
  10. I'm streaming m2ts files from my WHS2011 server over my home network and haven't encountered the issues you've described. However, I do not use WHS2011's built in media server. I'm using Serviio for that role. I'm using a PS3 as the client connected to our TV using HDMI. So, I offer this as evidence that it is possible to stream smoothly with DB. I do have smooth stream enabled but do not have file duplication on. Wouldn't hurt to open a support ticket to give the DB folks some log files to chew on.
  11. I just reviewed my logs and services and I see that Windows Server Domain Name Management is running and no errors or warnings in the logs. Sorry that I can't be of more help.
  12. I can see a slew of those errors on one of my drives back on 6/13 but none before or since. I use HomeServer Smart 2012 on my WHS2011 server to monitor the drives. No issues seen there.
  13. If you're running WHS2011 you can also try out Home Server SMART 2012: http://www.dojonorthsoftware.net/Freebies/HomeServerSMART2012.aspx I've been using it for a month or so and have been happy with its features and performance. It is donation supported. Link to wiki for the app: http://wiki.dojonorthsoftware.net/Home_Server_SMART_2012
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