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  1. OK, just upgraded to and obviously no change :'(... only classic interface works in WHS Dashboard. But this creates one issue; I could not find new feature (ping drive) available from classic interface. No such option! Any plans to get at least this fixed? Or am I missing something...
  2. I do have WHS version installed, though I do not have this icon normally visible - I disabled it to keep Dashboard uncluttered - anyhow this is just starting point and in fact all required functions are available from Server Folders and Hard Drives view/Pool Management tab. For curiosity i switched it also back to be visible, but it did not helped to resolve the problem I have :-( One interesting thing I noticed though, is that drive bender does not show in the Add-ins list is it normal? This might indicate somehow screewed installation, however I did several updates in meantime to newer stable versions, so this should be fixed... I think...
  3. Unhappy to report that just installed and no change... metro interface still does not work in WHS Dasboard
  4. Just one bad experience I had recently, that make me wonder if DB is working as advertised... most like one of HDD controller channels got faulty (or cable got loose), so one HDD in my pool become unavailable. DB started to show red alert in dashboard 'fault tolerant mode' (BTW. shouldn't it be 'not in fault tolerant mode'?). The problem is that some of files were visible when accessing folders on pool (e.g. I could see the file, check its properties or so), but when I tried to open the file I got error message that file is not accessible! After reconnecting the drive to another port on HDD controller everything returned to normal. So it seems that despite file being duplicated, if one of copies is on faulty drive it cannot be accessed any more! What would happen if that was real drive failure, not just controller/cable fault?
  5. Something I learned hard way; if you plan to put some data that requires consistency across several files (e.g. something like client backups in WHS) on pooled drive make sure that it is duplicated! I made mistake and just placed these on non duplicated folder and one on my hard drives died I lost all client backups, as backup database was not consistent any more and it was not possible to recover it. Some of backup files are still available (part that was balanced out to still drive), but no use of these
  6. BUMP ! Just installed and the same story... Is anyone looking at this issue or I'm the only one not being able to display new interface skins in WHS Dashboard and locked down to classic one?
  7. Just installed latest stable version ( and the it seems the problem persist I can use classic interface in WHS Dashboard, by not Metro style UI. Any progress on this one?
  8. As temporary solution you can use either classic view (which is working, also with metro dialogs) or install DB client only (NOT ON WHS, working PC only), which provides the same functionality as WHS Dashboard add-in and uses the same interface. This is what I do for now...
  9. OK, here are some finding after using latest version for couple of days: - Mounts dashboard shows by default 'Hide advanced options button', while they are hidden. Clicking it in fact show advanced options and button caption is then not changing. Clicking again properly reverts to 'Show advanced otions' button. - Scrolling with mouse does not work unless you click on some button or check box in dashboard - A bit weird behaviour of Show duplicate count button; When dashboard is initially displayed bars' size is,I think, adjusted to fill in width of dashboard. After1st click it remains the same, but becomes 2-colored showing duplicate files. After 2nd click (to hide duplicate) second color part is hidden, so bars become shorter than previously. Consecutive clicking just shows/hides duplicate part. So some small inconsistency of data presentation. - Not bug, but suggestion; in Drives dashboard 'Show duplicate count should be global rather than per drive setting. It might be very confusing if someone does not recognize that it needs to be enabled for each individual drive. Also would be nice if interface settings are retained between sessions.
  10. I'd like to have ability to show in BD Manager (Pool, Mounts and Drive Dashboards) total files' size instead of files count. Currently I have ~75000 of pictures on my server and ~1700 videos, which creates bars in huge favor of pictures. Reality of drive occupancy is however, that videos are taking lots more space (~3TB) versus pictures (~0.2TB). I understand that some people would prefer existing file count view, so maybe swith view would be possible (like showing or not duplicated files count).
  11. Hello there! Just installed and got stuck with interface issue; inside WHS dashboard there is no info about existing pool nor individual driver nor moun points. It is empty, just showing headers. DB services are running and I can run and see all this information via remote desktop to WHS and running DB manager directly on server. Also all shares are available, so seems only WHS dashboard problem. Any advice?
  12. lemkeant; yes, I'm running the latest version of SBS (2.0.01282 BETA) and just upgraded to DB same problem. Strangely now it working both ways; e.g. trying start DB after SBS also crashes Dashboard. This time I managed to grab error code: Dashboard.exe - Application Error The exception unknown software exception (0xe0434352) occured in the application at location 0xfdffcacd. After restart ind dashboard I get message error from Dashboard: Safe Mode Settings (Suspect found) List of suspect add-ins The add-ins in this list may have caused the Dashboard to shut down or stop working unexpectedly. You can enable and disable add-ins to determine if an add-in caused the problem. The list shows only one add-in, DB. Now trying to open SBS after DB (as reported previously) drops exactly the same error.
  13. Beside few comments that are already explained above I noticed one specific incompatibility/stability issue of Dashboard add-in and StableBit Scanner; once Pool Management tab is accessed, it is not possible to start StableBit Scanner. It does not matter if you switch directly from Pool Management to SBS or you switch first to any other tab first and then to SBS; Dasboard quits unexpectedly. If you started SBS previously it hangs for a while on preparation of table grid, but never comes to displaying any data. If this is the first time when you start SBS during the Dasboard session it hangs on 'Connecting to service (or so) screen. In both cases it last for few seconds and then Dasboard crashes. Sometimes it displays error message (some exception error, but I was not able to reproduce this now, for purpose of this message). Sometimes after restarting Dashbord, during start it points to DB add-in as source of problems and asks if I want to disable add-in. No such issue with previous stable version of DB I was using (, so i assume there is something wrong with DB rather than with SBS. Otherwise; excellent step forwrd! Really like new interface, even if it requires some learning curve!
  14. Hello there! Just hit some problem, that I cannot resolve on my own. Basically everything started from the fact that in console I was constantly receiving errors related to DB inability to duplicate some files in Client Computer Backups folder that resides on DB pool and have file duplication enabled: [File Health Monitor] - Duplicate file missing for file -\\....\Client Computer Backups\Data.XXX.X.dat [Worker Task id: {....}] - The target file exist and is locked. Will retry the copy soon for file "ServerFolders\Client Computer Backups\ConsistencyInfo.cc" [Worker Task id: {....}] - Unable to process duplicate file for "ServerFolders\Client Computer Backups\ConsistencyInfo.cc" at this time. Will skip and schedule a new validation task on this file only. These arrors are repeated several times for different files in the loop. So my thinking was that due to nature of client backup service in WHS it might not be good idea to keep backups on pool with duplication enabled. I was going to move backups folder to non pooled, non duplicated drive. So to prepare the folder to be moved to another drive I initiated Remove File Duplication action from DB console, but it also failed: [Pool Manager] - Removing duplication on mount point D:\ (id; {....}) for folder "\ServerFolders\Client Computer Backups" [Pool Manager] - Unable to set duplication state on folder\ServerFolders\Client Computer Backups. The most likely cause of this is files currently being duplicated against this folder. Wait until this operation is complete and try again. [Worker Thread: {....} - Worker Thread 0 task failed with exception. Exception - Unable to set duplication state on folder\ServerFolders\Client Computer Backups. The most likely cause of this is files currently being duplicated. Interestingly Running transactions and tasks option does not show any pending operation (though these might be scheduled). Checkin file duplication status shows several files not being duplicated. Validating duplication brings all files again to duplicated status (based on status icons), but this does not allow to switch duplication off - get the same error as described above and as the only result again some of files are no longer duplicated, but it is ~30% of all files in folder. So I'm stuck here trying to get this back to order - have files duplicated or no, but no errors in system log, nor pending tasks that cannot be completed so are endlesly repeated. Any advice how to get out of this infinite loop?
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