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  1. Basically I'm going to have to use a split system - DriveBender for my non-virtual stuff and then MS Storage Spaces for my virtual world. Really not the way I wanted to go
  2. Because it's now down to the last drive in the pool then I think the only way forward is to uninstall the DB software, add a drive letter back on to your drive (so it displays as normal again) and then cut/paste the directories back into the root of the disk. Although it sounds quite a lot to do, it's actually very easy and only takes a few minutes or so (the files don't actually get moved as it only has to update the FAT entries on where the directories are). NB. Just a small "gotcha" though - after you've moved your files back into the root directory, you may have difficulty deleting the
  3. Although I am very happy that time and effort is being spent on new products such as the Cloud Extender, I am also disappointed as, on the face of it at least, it seems that effort is now being spent there rather than on outstanding "tricky" items such as VSS support. If DB manage to crack VSS (and although I know it's difficult, there are enough products out in the market place to show that it can be done very successfully) they have a huge selling advantage over the competitors. Purely on a personal basis though, I need to understand whether VSS is officially dead or not so I can sta
  4. Release the license on your current server - move the drives and install DB DB should recognise the pool(s) on the drives and re-attach everything correctly Once you are happy everything has worked ok then re-apply your license key
  5. I've gone for an LSI card in mine but this one is definitely cheaper and seems to have some good reviews. Cheers for the heads up!
  6. Merry Christmas to everyone too! Thanks to Anthony & co for the hard work on DB giving us a great piece of software and hope we all have a fantastic 2015 ... and that DB gains VSS support, obviously! (Sorry Anthony - couldn't help myself )
  7. ... and yet another for the "working well" group
  8. Yes, ReFS is supported http://support.division-m.com/entries/22836386-Is-Microsoft-s-new-Resilient-File-System-ReFS-supported-
  9. I know it doesn't help but still @ 160Mb this morning here so pretty stable for me it seems (the pool is accessed for both read and write 24x7)
  10. Running 2170 here and currently @ 160Mb on my server. No idea if that's good/bad/changing though ... will look again tomorrow morning and see if it's different!
  11. I don't think DB puts a drive to sleep, it's just the OS and drive settings themselves (and possibly the controller?) that do that, I.E. if there's no access to the drive for more than x minutes then it will sleep. However, there are a number of things that can stop a drive going to sleep - the drive itself (you may need to change the settings on the drive to enable power saving), the OS (check out the power saving settings section) and then potentially any application software that could be accessing information on the drive (including DB - especially the balancing settings etc.)
  12. Nice script ShaRose - very useful!
  13. Aha - that sounds more like the set up I want. I'll go away and see if my motherboard supports TPM 1.2+ - cheers for the heads up!
  14. This was one of the blockers for me too - if I used TPM I couldn't see the point in the encryption anyway (although TPM seems to protect against someone removing the drives and trying to do something with them, if someone simply steals the whole computer then it would boot up and allow access?) and if I used a USB Stick then I'd have to keep hiding the USB after each boot and hope the potential thief didn't steal it as well as the PC
  15. Given the recent news regarding Truecrypt, I did have another look at Bitlocker - however I couldn't get it set up how I wanted, I.E. boot up an encrypted system drive using a passphrase. I seemed to have to use a USB key instead. Any ideas if a passphrase approach is possible? Good news on the ability to encrypt without drive letter though - I was wondering whether it could do that!
  16. I spun up a VM this morning and set up a Truecrypt test. - The system drive and 3 data drives were all encrypted with the same password with the data drives set as system favourites so they mounted on boot up. - I added all 3 drives to a new pool with a single mount point in DB When I reboot the VM everything seems to come up fine - I can read/write to the pool fine, no errors from DB or Truecrypt that I can see (although not pushed a lot of data through it yet!) but in answer to your main question above, yes, all 3 Truecrypt drives *are* still visible in Windows and haven't been able
  17. I don't think the performance drop (benchmark wise) is massive but it is there apparently - for instance http://www.firstever.eu/en/refs-vs-ntfs-benchmark/ Good though that you aren't seeing anything in "real life" terms! My 'need' for quota support could actually be overcome another way I think (although wouldn't it be great if DB could create a mount point with a specific size to it!) so I may have another think about it. Food for thought - thanks!
  18. In the end due to lower performance and lack of quota support, I decided not to go ahead with my move to refs. Good to see that it seems to be working ok though with DB!
  19. Checking your screen shot I realised this was 1.3Gb of RAM .... I was about to be very impressed with Anthony's coding if he'd fit everything in 1.3Mb What version of DB are you running? NB. My DB service runs around 160Mb on my 16Tb(ish) pool and that has plenty of activity on it (6 x virtual machines and normal media watching/listening etc.)
  20. Just for info, I'm running Plex & DB together, although not quite the same as you. OS is Windows 2012 R2 OS drive is an SSD out of the pool Standard install of Plex onto the OS drive (inc. transcoding area) All video (about 5.5Tb) is stored on single DB pool (total of 8 mixed 2/3/4Tb drives) All working very well and smoothly out to my iOS devices, Roku, PC etc. including multiple streams at the same time.
  21. Spinning up a VM over the weekend to test this out - thanks Anthony!
  22. I ran this kind of thing on a pilot set up and after some changes by Anthony it worked fine, although I didn't end up putting it on my main server in the end (nothing to do with DB - more the hassle of moving and encrypting every drive on my system!) The option you need to turn on in DB is in Settings / Advanced called "Enable physical drive number emulation" as Truecrypt hides the drive details from DB. As far as Truecrypt is concerned, you can add mount points as System Favourites which will get mounted automatically when you boot the machine up. I *think* the pass phrase for each mo
  23. Can't seem to find the link that you click for "Free Bag Of Money To Feed Hard Drive Addiction" .... any chance you can create one please?
  24. I am using an onboard Realtek NIC as well as an additional IBM Intel NIC - not seen this kind of thing before to be honest. Thinking about it, I've also run with DLink NICs too without issue. Perhaps one thing to knock out of the equation would be the Cisco (although they are usually very reliable!). Connect the desktop to the server via a cross over cable and re-test? Probably will be no difference but at least it's one more thing checked [Edited to change IBM to Intel - doh - brain gone dead here Needed Intel NIC in order to test out with VMWare succesfully]
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