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  1. OK so for anyone who comes across this thread I have resolved the problem. The reason the OS would not boot was due to a new disk added to the pool. The sequence of events/actions were:- 1) Notification of failing hard drive through S.M.A.R.T 2) Manually removing the drive from the pool by adding a drive letter and copying all files and folders to new drive. 3) Removing the failing drive and replacing it with the new drive 4) Rebuilding and verifying the pool 5) Upgrading Divebender ftom to 6) Adding a new "additional" drive to the pool and th
  2. Any suggestions Guys? The iObit Advanced uninstaller removed the entry from Add/Remove programs but the application is still installed. Fozzie
  3. I have a bad install of Drive Bender after upgrading from 2.8 to 3.7 which is preventing my OS (Win 7 Ultimate 64bit) from booting. I can sometimes get it to boot after going into Repair PC and have tried running the recommended IOBit Advanced uninstaller as I cant use Add-Remove programs. IOBIT took ages to complete and announced it had removed Drive Bender but the application was still installed and I assume so were the drivers as the OS won't boot again. Can someone advise how to manually remove drive bender application and registry entries so I can at least boot the OS and roll b
  4. Many thanks, Have found and removed drive now but really helpful to know this for the future. As an aside where is the led located and its it fitted on all hard drives. I have Samsung and WD Red drives? Fozzie
  5. It's been a while since I have posted here which shows how reliable Drive Bender has been for me over the years. However I have just received an alert from the software saying that one of my drives is failing. This is confirmed by windows itself when I log in. Like a lot of people I have a number of drives all from the same manufacturer. and same model. I know the disk in question is DB3 but apart from the serial number displayed in the disk properties is there any other way of identifying the drive. when shut down that I may have overlooked? Fozzie
  6. Thanks w3wilkes, Followed you instructions and rebooted twice after uninstalling 1.9.50 then installed Held my breath and had to reboot 3 times before pool was mounted again but all seems OK now. Thanks for the guidance Fozzie
  7. Will Do as soon as I have chance to move Onedrive folder back to pool after it has finished backup. Fozzie
  8. Hi CBers, No not raised a ticket yet. I posted to see if anyone else had experienced the issue. Before doing so I suppose I ought to upgrade to latest build but I need time to backup data (to Onedrive) first. As a workaround I have attached an external hard drive and moved Onedrive folder to that then use SyncToy to copy to the Onedrive folder. This appears to be working as a temporary measure. Fozzie
  9. A number of Microsoft OneDrive users are having problems due to an update which causes an error message if the drive or share where the OneDrive folder is located is not formatted NTFS. Without getting in to the politics of this my problem is that my OneDrive folder resides on a share on the Drivebender pool which is formatted in NTFS!! Has anyone else experienced this issue. I am not sure how the app identifies the underlying file format but it appears not to like NTFS applied to the Drivebender pool. I must admit I am still running v 1.9.50 and v2.6.0.0 is available so dont know if an u
  10. A couple of quick questions:- 1) Where in the Drivebender interface can i check the version number? I think I am on Drive Bender Manager but not sure if this is just the console version number 2) Is there an FAQ on upgrading to a later version? i.e. v1.x.x to version v2.x.x? I believe there were specific issues upgrading from 1.4 but cant find anything relating to later versions. Do you just run the application and install over the top or uninstall the previous version first. If you uninstall what happens to the data. Is there a configuration file (.ini or XML or similar) lef
  11. I currently have a Win7 Pro 64 Bit based "Home Server" with an SSD for the OS and Drivebender managing the storage. The Drivebender pool of 8 Tb consists of 4 x Samsung 2TB drives. Of the 8Tb I have 4.5Tb in use with the largest proportion of data made up from ripped DVD's and downloaded films and HD home movies. This Home Server currently acts as File storage and also as a media centre being directly connected to the TV. However I am now moving to an Android TV Box and streaming services and am currently reviewing my TV setup and location of my data. I have another system running Windows
  12. Thanks, Found it in Real Time Monitor report V 2.1.50 Thanks, Never thought to look in Drive Bender Console just Client.
  13. This seems a rather simple request but its ages since I touched the drive bender installations. Mainly because they just work and never had to . However an issue with one installation in an office where users keep losing connection to the share in WHS2011, means I need to update to a later version to see if it resolves this niggling issue. Firstly where can I tell in the Drive Bender Manager what version I am currently running. I cannot seem to find an "About" link. Secondly how do I upgrade. Are there any precautions to take or do I just run the installer for the new version. I am on ve
  14. Thanks Gonzo0235, I will need to access the server remotely to gather the logs. Please could you point me to info on how to find the logs and upload them to M-Division. Many thanks Fozzie
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