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  1. Does this version bring with it the Windows 8 / Server 2012 media files metadata issue fix?
  2. i have used mklink to redirect the mediacentre dvdinfocache folder on several of my computers to a folder in my db pool.
  3. Just installed this beta and currently every file in my whole pool is now being renamed with a (1) and I see them twice in every folder. Before the update (over the top) to this beta I had my pool duplicated. In System Notifications I see thousands of "A file has been found that appears on one or more drive in the pool. As a result the file has been rename from..." Looking in Running transactions and tasks for some reason it is running a duplicating files task which seeing as I had duplication already set at the top level of my pool everything should of already been duplicated. Also I have just noticed that my free space is actually increasing. Going to leave it running while at work and see what state it is in when I get home. EDIT: Sorted this. There was rogue entries in the registry that related to nonexistent disks. These got added to my pool as a disk and where found to be duplicates. Once removed the rogue entry from the registry the "duplicates" disappeared.
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