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  1. got this solved by removing all division-m data from registry. After that, I was able to reinstall.
  2. I have set recycle bin off on drivepool. Everytime computer reboots, bin has been set back on with huge size. Anyway to avoid that? Using latest drivebender.
  3. I just upgraded to win10 10586 and the other of my DB machines did not survive. I checked that service is running, pool instances says starting up... Tried the usual fix, uninstall - install, but I can't uninstall the product. Installer says "a program required for this install to complete could not be run." I run msiexec /uninstall, msiexec /regserver, but it did not help. log attached, any tips? MSIae667.zip
  4. Just upgraded 2380 to 2390 to my both computers and drive letter disappeared from OS. Tried to restore it by removing drive letter and adding it back but didn't help. Noticed that drivebender drive was missing from windows drive management. Solved problem by uninstalling and installing db again. I'm using win10.
  5. Hi DB reported new version and I downloaded it from your site. After installation version still shows But it seems that v2350 did install as rerunning the exe gives only modify/remove options. Also didn't find any info about v2350?
  6. Hi, I wrote already to 2032 thread that db manager hangs immediately after launch. Same with this one.
  7. Hi, upgraded to this from 1950, db manager hangs when started. Didn't find any log that might be helpful.. Console works fine.
  8. is there a beta key for this? DB went crazy because old beta key is not working! It's mounting and unmounting storage all the time. Edit: got it working after couple of boots. Don't know why it didn't accept the key after first boot.
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