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  1. Update on the request. THis is resolved and here is what I did. 1) Disable DB service. (I am not sure whether this is necessary or not) 2) Using WIndows Disk Management and assign a drive letter to each of the HDD 3) WHen the HDD Is seen on WIndows Explorer, WHen I click each top level folder, I got 'you don't have the permission to view the folder. Do you want to get the permission' (THis may not be exactly what was displayed) and after click yes, Windows will allow me to view the file. 4) After I have done this for all HDDs, I then use WIndows disk management to remove
  2. I just moved from Windows Home Server to Windows 10. I had two pools, each pool had two HDD. After I added HDD to the new machine, two pools were recognised. But I can't access any folder. I got error message 'Location is not available, access denied' when clicking any first level folder of the pool. For example, for one pool, I have folder structure as E:\Shared folder\movie... and E:\SHared folder\Music... On WIndows 10, I can see E:\Shared Folder\Movie and E:\Shared Folder\Music. But when I click on E:\Shared folder\Movie, I got 'Location is not available, access denied' error from Wi
  3. That is what I try to understand. If I unplug the USB cable, what that cause DB nonfunctional? Further once I plug all three USB drives in for pool B, do I need to do something so that DB recognize the pool or will it do it automatically? I may need to so some experiment over the weekend.
  4. I would like to have a PC with two mount points in Drive Bender. Let me call it pool A and B. I would like the PC to be on 24x7 with pool A. And I would like to turn on and off of pool B manually when I want to use it. All drives in pool B are USB external drives. I wonder if it is possible to accomplish this and if yes what is the process to turn it off? Do I need to mount and unmount it everytime in Drive Bender?
  5. The 'FOLDER.DUPLICATE.$DRIVEBENDER' is DB duplication folders. My question is that if I copy all files remained on the removed HDD back to pool and select 'overwrite' option, those 'FOLDER.DUPLICATE.$DRIVEBENDER' in the pool will be overwritten by the same folder remained on the removed HDD. Would that impact the normal operation of DB. I assume not because it is just a folder recognized by DB and there is no actual content in it. However I still would like to get confirmation from the community. I have asked the same question to M-DIvision and haven't received clear answer so far in two days.
  6. I compared the removed HDD with the pool. Here is the result. 1) Before removing started, I noticed that the HDD had 600GB free space from Windows Disk Management. However after the removing stopped, I am not saying it is completed, the fres space on the HDD is 900GB. So there is 300GB difference and some files are apprently removed or disappeared. 2) Some files on the removed HDD are not in the pool. This indicates that the removal process was not completed. 3) Some files exist on both removed HDD and the pool. I would like to copy back all remaining files from the removed HDD
  7. I did send this to Drive Bender support also. But I would also like to get idea from the community and would like to get it resolved as quick as possible if someone has good idea. I tried to remove a 2TB HDD from a pool with 3 HDDs. The removal process ended with error which says some duplicated files were missing. I restarted the server and then notice that the pool now only has two HDDs. I also noticed that the removed HSS contains half od the original contents which means that the removal process was not sucessful. I then tried to repair the pool hoping that the removed HDD can be rec
  8. I am using Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 3TB external HDD in one of the pools. The HDD goes power-saving mode by defaut if the drive is inactive in 15 minutes. The pool is for storing bluray movies and the only time thatthe pool is used is when I copy the movie into the pool and when I watch movie. I think that this power-saving mode is good for the drive since there is not much activity anyway for the drive. However I am not sure whether this setting will impact DB or not. Can anyone give me answer on this? If DB is not impacted by this setting I will leave the default setting on
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