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  1. Just as an update, DB in version it is better just not to delay any dependencies of DB service. I found that setting them all back to automatic sorted my issue with missing folders. however it must be said that I have uninstalled DB, and set the services to automatic when DB was uninstalled and then installed it back. still get some errors reg. some drives not responding - as I have an ssd as a system drive and as revengineer mentioned, drives not coming online soon enough. those however disappear during alerts re-assessment post startup. also having additional sata cards presumably does not help. so for those who have some issues with missing shared folders after restart, I would suggest the following: 1. uninstall DB 2. dependent on which version of DB you use, but if it is the latest one ( set all DB dependencies to automatic start without delay 3. install DB in compatibility mode (windows server 2008 SP1) and as administrator - also helps with HD sentinel integration with the console 4. restart your server.
  2. I thought that this may be the case, unfortunately the latest build of DB does not allow to delay DB service. You can do it via delay start of DB dependencies, however my observation is that the missing folders somehow relate to Windows Server Client Computer Backup Service. Zulu. Ps. I think, this is re-occurring topic, with no clear solution. I will maybe restore system from the backup. And now from the other barrel, I remember on windows home server (based on the XP, I have forgotten its proper name) you could restore system partition from within the system - this seems not possible on WHS. How do I do a system restore to a headless server from remote desktop.
  3. Dear All I have an issue which I have been battling for quite some time (a year or two or three). I have my server with circa 10 drives in it. All drives (inc. system) are bit locked. Predominantly because the encryption I try not to mess with the system too much, only upgrade to the latest DB and updates are the software installed by me. Now I have this issue, that each time the server starts\restarts, I have a WHS missing folders error. All shared folders, movies, recorded TV are gone, sometimes client computers backup folder is the only one that is there. I have been fixing it using two methods: 1. recreating the folders (takes some time) 2. restarting drive bender service. The second method is fairly simple and quick, however I remember I used to have a setup that worked straight away, without the need of doing any of the above. I have noticed that installing a latest version of DB, uninstalling \ installing software tend to messed the DB service. what can I do to have my WHS starting without any issues rather than having to log in to it each time I restart it or updates are installed. ? Thank you very much for your help, fixing this would mean a world to me. Zulu ps. Just couple of maybe irrelevant info, custom build server, substantial capacity, system build was done many years ago, re-build from scratch not in option (weeks of encryption required). I have re-installed DB, repaired install, installed older versions etc with no luck. I am running the latest version of DB
  4. same here, 2.1.7 was running fine, with some exceptions, this one ruined he evening for me, rolling back to 2.1.7 does not solve the issue for some reason. dear me
  5. I believe there was a thread in the past, discussing the need for duplication level specification. This comes from the need of having more than a single copy of critical files. As an example: my server comprises of 9 drives, from which a couple were salvaged from other NASes. The condition of those were not great (couple of bad sectors) but was not qualifying them to be binned. I had a power cut (or some sort of surge spike) and after this event, two of my drives died. Quite a proportion of the files (original and duplicate) were lost forever. You may say, I shouldn't have include iffy drives, in my server however it seemed a bit wasteful to throw away 2no 2tb drives because a couple of bads. Therefore the request would be to implement levels of duplication. maybe something along this lines: Level 1 - single duplicate Level 2 - three copies of selected folder Level 3 - four copies. Alternatively specification of the most healthy drive to store duplicates maybe could work around the issue. All please endorse if you feel that this feature would be welcomed.
  6. Hi Drive Bender team Apart from normal pleasantries (great software), I would like to raise a constructive feedback regarding latest revision of DB. 1. Landing Zone allocation seems to reset every server restart. Landing zone is a great feature, significantly limits disk start-stops, however as mentioned, allocation disappears after restart. 2. Where can I find the function of allocation duplicates on selected drive? (I read it somewhere that this was implemented) Thanks in advance for answering. xxx
  7. zulu7

    RC2 v1.4.2.5

    Thinking that new duplication features were incorporated (more than two copies) i hve installed this beta from version. Since then all my client backups went bananas (backup status unknown, critical error on dashboard) repairing process takes forever. edit:. after several restarts and client backup database repair failures, i am reverting to
  8. Hi to All I have a whs 2011 with 9 drives. Two of them were pulled from my old my book live. Those had circa 1800 run days on them. Both of the disks finished their live during the power cut. Proportion of my crucial data, along with duplicates were lost. I took the risk of installing old drives within the server ( they were 1tb each so I felt nostalgic on loosing 1.8tb of space ) however knowing that two disks are bad, it would be wonderful to specify duplication level to 3-4 disks if required. This feature was implemented in windows 8 and it would be great to have it in drive bender. Therefore my request would be the user specified duplication level. Please implement if possible Thank you very much in advance.
  9. Hi all After upgrading to db ver. 1.3.1 on my whs 2011 i have noticed that the process drive bender 32 is constantly using my cpu. this would not come as a suprise after the server reboot, however after three weeks of system up time, process utilises approx 30-40% of cpu. any thoghts on why drivebender32 is constantly busy with something?
  10. Yes, i manged to sort out this one via addition of cration date tab in explorer windows. instead of arranging files by modified i am arranging files by ceation date (addtitionl tab avalable afterright cliking)
  11. Thanks for reply. i am running Drive Bender v1.2.2.2. to access my files i am using explorer of the client, currently cients run win7. what you have noted and will be helpfull for me is that i can sort files using file creation date. i was running WHS v1before purchase of the whs 2011 and drive extender did not update file modification stamp when file was accessed, therefore i was using date modifed as my sorting tool. drive bender modifies time stamp when file is accessed and this created havoc at mine collection. but a advised i shall introduce creation date column in explorer window on each client and the problem will be sorted. Regarding instant search, this feature wa also present on all clients when runnig on WHS v1. now this seems to be unalaliable without adding drive to the indexing monitoring. Thank you for your reply w3wilkes.
  12. Dear All I was browsing this forum for indication of the issue and since I cannot find it I shall describe it below. Generally, I am very pleased with drive bender, I have the installation running on Windows Home Server 2011. I have never had any issues with the software apart from the following two: 1. Whenever I access the file (lets say from my music collection) from any of my client computer the modification date is changing to the time of accessing the file. It is quite inconvenient since I tend to browse my collection/collections using dates of placement the file into the directory (sometimes I do not remember the names of particular song etc). 2. Instant search option doesn?t seem to find files in the share (searching from windows 7)? Why this is happening? (issue 1) I would understand if that would be a documents and word files being edited and saved. This could be considered as a modification but not accessing the file. This is creates havoc In my collection and recently added files are impossible to find when thrown into a common directory. Please let me know if anyone of had the similar issue, is there a workaround this? Any option I missed ?
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