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  1. In my opinion the answer for Windows 7 and WHS 2011 is the same and that is, you should not have two partitions on the OS drive. You can solve the issue by first installing Win7 or WHS 2011 and then removing the D partition. In my case I even use an 80GB HDD for the OS even though you have to use at least a 120 for initial installation. I just removed the D partition and clone the 120 to the 80 and have had no problems in the years that I have been running WHS 2011. Now to your question, in my case I have ATI 2015 installed on my WHS 2011 OS drive. I have ATI 2015 scheduled to make an image of my OS hard drive every single night at 11:30 PM and store it in a backup directory in pooled drive. The backup is replaced every single night, so I only have the current image from the previous night. On two separate occassions my OS drive has died I have removed the damaged OS drive, installed new OS drive, placed boot ATI disk in CD drive, booted from CD, initiated recovery, pointed ATI to the drive that DB has selected for the backup and 30 minutes later the server was up and running from the previous night image. Since the image is daily my OS and DB are always up to date since any updates applied are then captured in the daily image
  2. Please place your vote here: http://community.division-m.com/index.php?/topic/5597-the-upgrade-process/ Moderators you should probably pin the poll so that it does not scroll down the General Discussion forum with additional topic entries.
  3. Since up to now the times that I have had trouble with the upgrade progress my system has always come up I don't object to this suggestion. What I mean by that, is since my server is headless I have to RDP into the serve. Whenever there has been problems the system has always restarted, I RDP in, see that there are issues and then restart, uninstall, reinstall or whatever I need to do all from RDP. So, even though I've had issues, my system has come up. I would really dislike the new process if for whatever reason my system gets stuck somewhere and then I have to drag out a monitor from the closet, find a VGA cable from the drawer and a power cable, pull the server out, get a keyboard and mouse and plug everything in just so I could see what the problem is. Fix the issue, unplug the monitor, keyboard, mouse, push the server back, put everything back in the closet... You get the idea! So, if this process is as good at it sounds, count me in.
  4. The latest version is the change logs have been posted on several posts. If upgrading has not helped your issues then it's time to gather all your DB logs, open a support ticket and submitt them for examination. It will take a couple of days for a reply but if it's something that Anthony needs to help you with he will step up to the plate and point you in the right direction if it's not a DB issue.
  5. You can find it here: http://community.division-m.com/index.php?/topic/5556-drive-bender-v2370-released/.
  6. Admin's this should probably moved over the DriveBender General Discussion area.
  7. Sure looks like a new version has been posted, I clicked the download link and it does say 2350. I'll have to wait until later to install on the server and see what everybody elses opion of the update is.
  8. While I have not experienced this the subject has come up before and it appears that it occurs with a few system setup and it sounds like you may be one of them. It would be nice to know what version of DriveBender you are using as well as the server version. I also would suggest using the search function on the top right of this post to enter "VhyperDrive5" to bring up the other discussions on this subject and see if anthing helps your situation. Lastly I would suggest that you collect all the DB logs and open a support ticket and allow Anthony to examine your system logs and see if he comes up with a solution for you.
  9. Take a look at this FAQ: http://support.division-m.com/entries/20217222-gathering-meaningfull-drive-bender-log-files by default DB gathers files you can increase the amount of data collection by changing the settings. You should already have a bunch of logs there, zip them up, open a ticket and upload them to Anthony. He will get back to you in a couple of days, I notice from your signature that you are on version you may want to see if version 2.3 helps you with the issue you are experiencing. Lastly read through the FAQs there may be something there. Good luck.
  10. I see where the more experienced users have not posted anything to help you with, seems like there is a convention in town and they are out for the day. I would just that you open a ticket and gather your DB logs and send them to Anthony, your situation seems like he might be the only one that can help you find a solution to our issue. When you receive an answer or you discover the answer yourself please post back since someone down the road may benefit from your discovery.
  11. Don't panic! But you are right it does seem like the big gurus are out of town. Oh well, just a fellow user that can't help you with your particular issue because I have not experienced it. With that said, I would suggest that you gather your DB logs and I'm assuming that CX has the ability of creating logs also. I would open a ticket and send him the logs so he can look under the hood of your particular setup, however, I did see where Anthony posted that there is a new version coming out I think he said Friday. Hopefully, your issues will be addressed with this new release, please be kind to post back the solution to your issue when you get an answer from Anthony since it may help other users down the road.
  12. Using the WHS 2011 Dashboard->Server Folders and Hard Drives->Pool Management->Pool Options->Repair this pool. Pool options is all the way on the left underneath the black bar that goes all the way across the dashboard.
  13. OK, sounds like you have some issues and some more knowledgeable members will pipe up and give you further assistance, but I would begin by imaging each hard drive BEFORE you do anything else. You now have something to fall back on if something things should get worse for you. I'm not sure because you keep referring to "adding" the drives to the pool and so I'm not sure if you have tried repairing the pool using the function under: Server Folders and Hard Drives->Pool Management->Pool Options->Repair This Pool. If you have not damaged the file structure of Drive Bender (DB), DB should rebuild your pool using the DB info on your hard drive to rebuild the pool. If you have tried this function and it has not yield the expected results then I would immediately submit and support ticket along with your logs to Anthony and see if there is something happening under the hood that Anthony needs to help you with.
  14. This happened to me also a while back. I believe I solved this issue by going to the DB logs and looking for the entries that pointed to the duplicate files. Let's say I had drive A and B and I wanted to remove B, the error would point to drive A and the name of the duplicate file. I went to drive A, found the duplicate files and deleted them and then restarted the removal process. This worked for me but in my case I only had a few files that I had to delete, if I remember correctly I had to start the removal process two or three times to find the duplicate files. Hope this helps.
  15. Can't say that I have seen or read about this one before, maybe one of the more experienced members may have a suggestion for you. However, it sounds like to me that you need to collect your log files and send them to Anthony to take a look at them for you and see what the issue is. Once you have you logs open a ticket and submit them. Post back what the solution is for help to future users. http://support.division-m.com/anonymous_requests/new
  16. If I understand correctly it sounds like you DO have your pool up and running and that you can access it and that your are also getting a message that there are no drives in the pool. I use DB with WHS 2011 so I'm not sure that this will help, but the first thing that I would check would be to see if more that one mount point. Sometimes DB assigns a default mount point and yours, so you may have a mount point with no drives, if this is so I would delete the mount point you are not using.
  17. I have seen previous topics on this issue and found 1: Cause of random crashes apparently points to vhyperdrive4.sys. Ah, looks like my link didn't work so well but if you search for vhyperdrive on the forum you will see the previous post not that it may help you. But as for you, yes you should be able to uninstall and reinstall and not loose your pool, use the repair pool option to recover the pool IF DB doesn't do it for you automatically. Before you do that IF YOU CAN, I would release your key, sometimes it gets locked up in the new installation and you will have to contact DB support to release your key. Also capture all your logs and open a support ticket with DB and submit your logs, this will be extremely helpful to Anthony when looking at issues like this. And lastly, post your results with your rebuilding your pool as well as your response from DB as it may help another user in the future. Good Luck!
  18. Before doing anything major like reinstalling, I would try a simple restart. Just out of curiosity, why do you shut down your server? Mine is up 24/7 and only restart it when doing windows update or DB upgrades. Just wondering.
  19. Couldn't wait until the 30th to see the new interface, so a couple of days ago I downloaded and installed 2.0.4d. The installation went well, with no obvious errors reported upon reboot the system did take longer to come up but I remembered reading somewhere were Anthony had said that this was a major upgrade on the drivers, etc. Waited the 5 or so minutes for the system to come up... but no pool! Didn't panic, remembered somewhere where Anthony had suggested to reboot the system which I did. The system came up without a problem, pool became available and DB got to work on performing the tasks on health, etc. So far no issues with 2.0.4d, I saw where the file count may be off, but I haven't sat down to examine real close if that is so. I was more concerned with the integrity of my data than the count, so I checked my files and all appears to be there, so... Anthony Take A Bow!!!!!
  20. Here! Here! Let's start collecting those bit coins!
  21. After making a similar mistake a couple of times resulting in multiple duplicate files with the (1) attached, I investigated and have used on a couple of occasions "Search my files" found at www.nirsoft.net. Does not need to be installed it's a stand alone and very flexible and powerful.
  22. I have not tried this yet but it's what I plan to do when it occurs to me. I'm just going to clone the drive! Done in minutes, plug it back in. DB doesn't care that it's different and viola! Done!
  23. You may want to do a Google search for "Searchmyfiles," nice utility that I keep around for situations just like this.
  24. I have installed v1.9.0.0 and running now for about 24hrs, in that time my computers have backup and even a skipped cleanup that did not run when I was having trouble with the other versions kicked in and cleanup the database. So no troubles for me.
  25. I have installed it and have been running in for the past 12 hours, so far so good.
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