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  1. I also have the same issue and have a call open. In my case it looks to have occurred after a large change of data occurred. In this particular instance after a clean up of WHS backup data.
  2. Excellent stuff! Thank you! Had an issue with upgrading from v2.7 and DriveBender.dll as I did upgrading to 2.7. Luckily I still had the support emails from before that told me where to get the new DLL from post install which worked fine otherwise!!
  3. To fix the DLL issue if it has not been updated: - Stop any services that might be using the DriveBender volume such as backup software etc. - Using the Services management console in Windows Stop the ‘Drive Bender Service’. You might be promoted to Stop other dependent services which will be listed, click Yes and let them cleanly stop. - Once the service(s) is/are stopped you can update the DLL. Note of caution there are 2 versions of the DLL and Anthony had to determine what version I should use. There’s one in the lib\v5 and one in the lib\v6 directories which I assume relate to your OS version. With WHS2011 mine was the v5 one but this may not be correct for your OS. If you’re not sure - DON’T CHANGE IT! - Once you have updated the DLL (noting the above) you can reboot the server. All should then come up at boot and be using the replaced DLL.
  4. I've a call open at the moment so once I know anything I'll post it here. Although I'm sure if it's anything serious Anthony will post anyway. So far he has stated that this version of the DLL should work with DB 2.7 without any issues.
  5. Yep, was already running v2.6 before the upgrade. Given the DLL version in use is 2.5 I suspect that upgrade also didn't update the DLL. The version in the C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender\lib\v5 folder is the version. It should be possible to copy it to the program folder proper without the service running but I don't know if it needs registering or is simply a resource file. I've logged a support call so I'll update this post when I hear back from them.
  6. Thanks, will do once I get a few mins again!
  7. I do indeed have the latest version of 2.7 as I only downloaded it yesterday. While I could uninstall and reinstall, as it essentially works at the moment thought I'd ask if there was a quick way to resolve.
  8. Just upgraded to v2.7.0 on WHS2011 and during install received an error regarding DriveBender.dll: Unable to copy the core library file: C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender\lib\v5\DriveBender.dll to C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender\DriveBender.dll The install completed and the drive pool has come up successfully so no problems there. However if I check the DLL version in the main program folder it's still v2.5.0.0. Would a reinstall help or does this need the service stopping, new DLL manually copying and then registering please?
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