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    JonnyManiac reacted to Anthony in Recent issues with releases   
    Hi All,
    First up, I would like to apologies for all the recent updates. The last couple of releases (mostly v3.3 and v3.4) of Drive Bender have contained a very allusive "Access Denied" error (this was a timing/cache problem exposed as a result of improving I/O performance). In addition to v3.2 having an problem with the FolderWall module not disabling correctly, and displaying odd errors... In all, we have not covered ourselves in glory 😬
    We are confident we are on top of these issues now with v3.6, and will be looking at our regression testing, and making some changes to ensure we are delivering a better product to our faithfully users!
    For those that had problems... thanks again for your support and, in some case, access to your machines to help diagnose issues 👍
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    JonnyManiac got a reaction from CBers in [v3.4] Issues reading from pool   
    I’ve also seen similar post upgrade to 3.4 and rolled back to 3.2 as 3.1 has a memory leak that was causing major issues for me. At first sight it looks like all it is ok. The pool comes up and you can open files. The moment however you try to save an open Office file it fails to save leaving just the .tmp version it uses whilst you edit the file. The pool drive then becomes inaccessible even though DriveBender itself via the management console thinks all is ok! Only fix is the forcefully kill the DriveBender service exe in Task Manager or reboot my WHS2011 server as it basically kills it.

    Saving the file locally on the laptop I access the server from and then copying the file back to the server (same path) successfully overwrites the file.

    All other drives remain accessible unless you try to access the DriveBender volume at which point Explorer essentially crashes. The DriveBender console doesn't show any open files related to the (in this case) Excel spreadsheet but does appear to keep other open file handles 'active' and listed.

    Support ticket raised.
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    JonnyManiac reacted to Tourniquet in Drive Bender v3.4.0.0 released   
    Yeah after I updated I have troubles with Office files saving too. Guess it's best to also roll back.
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    JonnyManiac reacted to Anthony in Drive Idle - feature status   
    This is being updated in the next major release... with a re-write of the feature that will also, dramatically improve pool performance.
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    JonnyManiac reacted to Anthony in Pool firewall configuration failed   
    We are working on this and expect to have it sorted this week (week starting on the 6th, Jan).
    That said, the error message is just a message, and has no effect on the pool itself. If you are experiencing access issues, then there is something else going on and you should contact support.
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    JonnyManiac reacted to Anthony in Beta v3.0.0.0   
    Some good news, we have solved the Drive Idle issue... just performing some final tests and should have a new beta out in the next week.
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