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  1. Hello, I have exactly the same issue! Anyone any thoughts?
  2. "In the meantime, simply target the individual drives in the pool rather than the pooled drive itself." How does that work then? If I have file duplication set on doesn't that mean I now end up backing up everything marked as 'duplicate' twice? BTW version still has the issue in that you can't backup files from your virtual drive. Mick
  3. Hi, I just turned Hyper Threading on and moved a few disks around and now I get invalid license. Can't we have: 1.Less aggressive checking on license when hardware changes 2:grace period to give one time to get the license reset. (my system is down waiting for a license reset!)
  4. Hello, I seem to be getting the occasional message as above. What are the consequences of getting this message. Is there anything I can do to fix this? The system appears to be working ok except after a few days the bender task is hogging one of my CPU engines and I cant access the data from my clients and I have to reboot. However before I raise an issue about the high CPU I would like to fix the above as this may also fix the high CPU I have. My whs 2011 system turns off disks after 30 mins of inactivity.. I suspect this is the issue. What is the recommendation here? If disks are powered down it's not likely they will be in a ready state after on 1/2 sec. I would really like the disks to power down when not in use. Mick
  5. thanks. When I clicked the files it went into install mode, followed by a reboot and now when I click the file type, a program loads up and I can read the files. thank you very much.
  6. I can see several .sil files that look like they may be logs files. Are these the log files and how do I read them? Mick
  7. Lets try again.... How can I test the software if the 30 free trial has expired? The download page says "All versions run unlimited for 30 days", well I've just upgraded to version and I am still getting licence expired messages.
  8. Hello, I was part of the beta and have purchased a licence. However I'm not ready yet to run the software on my production server as I believe the software is not quite ready. I regularly test the software using whs 2011 under vmware.(no real data here). This morning it said the licence had expired. Now what happens if I use my licence key for my test server. I assume the test server will now work ok but will I be able to transfer that licence key to my real whs 2011 machine later? Mick
  9. Running v1.2.1.2 I'm running whs 2011 under vmware: It's my test envirnoment. Not until the following scenario works without any errors will I use this software on my real whs 2011 system. What I am trying to do will be close to what all other current whs 2011 users would do(i think) My prod system I have 1 real disk with all my data on(running out of space). I have 2 new disks ready for Drive Bender. So I test the scenario I will have to do on my test system first. I have 3 virtual disks. I format all 3. I add some data to one of them. I now have the same envirnoment as my prod setup. I add the 2 blank disks to a pool. No problems here. I try the method of merging the third disk but fails. Method: Merge a drive and it's data into a pool I select a drive to be merged ok but there is no entry available for 'select a pool drive' available. So I can't go any further. I reboot and trying merging again. Fails. Looks like a bug to me. So I start again: 3 blank disks add data to one of them Convert the one with data on into the pool (first disk). This works. Try and add the next blank one. This fails with some abend. I reboot and try again. First add of blank disk 1 works Second add of a blank disk 2 works. This is better. It's even mounted to the original drive letter for me .. my D drive Fig about with whs client and get correct mapping. Job done. Looks to me as though it's close to be robust and complete. What does everyone else think. Ready to move into live system yet?
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