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  1. I've installed the patch to on my second server running Windows 10 Pro 1709 and everything just runs fine.
  2. I've double checked it. With the patch installed the start menu don't work any more on my system. Really weird.
  3. I migrated successfully from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with Drive Bender v2.3.8.0 two weeks ago. To upgrade to Drive Bender v2.3.9.0 I've had to do a full reinstall since the driver installation failed. I can confirm the bug " Folder images are not showing up under Windows 10." is gone.
  4. Hello after upgrading from v1360 to v14xx I've experienced two issues: the pooled drives don't go in energy safe mode anymore (I've tried with S.M.A.R.T. function turned on and off hanewin nfs server mounts the pool only in lowercase mode I've run v1455 for a few days and went back to v1360 today and both issues are gone. Greets McBluna
  5. I did a little more testing myself. #1 I've mounted an iso file stored inside the pool with daemon tools as a drive and added it as shared folder in Oracle Virtualbox and it worked. #2 I've created a virtual hdd stored inside the pool and added it as shared folder in Oracle Virtualbox and it worked. Oracle Virtualbox is able to access files stored inside the pool with the help of daemon tools and virtual hdd but not directly. So in my opinion the drive created by Drive Bender does not act 100% as it should. Is it a bug?
  6. Hi I'm using Drive Bender for several month now and I'm very happy with it. Mainly I use it to stream blu ray isos and mkvs to my media player. But now I've decided to store additional stuff inside the pool. So I've discovered my first issue. I would like to use a folder out of my pool as shared folder in Oracle Virtualbox. I've tried it with Windows XP and Kubuntu 12.04/12.10 guests and latest guest additions, but no luck. When I try to open the folder in the virtualized environment the file explorer keeps trying to search for files. May be anyone else use Oracle Virtualbox and face the same problem.
  7. After evaluating v1.2.5.0 for a month now, I've decided to buy a license for Drive Bender yesterday and now I'm waiting for v1.3 today. For me (Middle Europe) the 24th has still 14 hours left
  8. I've experienced this issue yesterday. I wasn't able to delete a folder from the pool. I even tried it with the dos command rd and it worked but the folder was recreated by drive bender immediately. I'm not 100% sure but it might be a problem if the security settings for the physical hdds or the pool folders {...} are not all the same. I've changed the security settings for all my pooled hdds from the root and didn't experienced this issue since then anymore. I might be worth a try.
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