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  1. Until now, it's running fine. As there is an amount of 3 TB and I need to backup to an old USB 2.0 drive, it takes some time...no matter. We're talking about file structure only (including the hidden DB duplicate folders), not an exact sector-by-sector copy and exact match of harddisk structure, are we?
  2. Hi everyone, this morning, I came home to find out that my dashboard (Windows Server Essentials 2016) told me that one of my disks should be checked for errors. Before recognizing this, I was applying the monthly MS Patches. It was a pooled drive, so I assigned a drive letter - but the drive didn't show up in the dashboard. Drive Bender Dashboard was very slow. Something hung. After reboot, I got a critical warning - one drive was apparently missing in the pool. When I tried to check, I noticed that the drive was displayed as "RAW" File System type with complete free space. I also had several non-initialised "ghost drives" which displayed as virtual drives. I decided to uninstall Drive Bender (used version is 2.8.0 btw), the ghost drives disappeared. TestDisk showed me correct partitioning, but fails to restore the GPT structure, no idea why but I have seen reports about this on a google search. However, TestDisk can access the file structure, so right now I am copying the files onto another server. Plan is to check the Harddisk after restore and reformat it, thencopy back the files, reinstall Drive Bender and run a pool restore. Any suggestions on this before I do proceed? Thanks!
  3. I do not see this issue on WSE2016, but DB regularily crashes my Dashboard on WSE2016. Even after a fresh install and creation of a completely new pool. Already have a ticket for it, but anyone else experiencing this?
  4. To give an update: This is currently a known issue for DB2.5 on some systems. There is no known workaround, so for the moment, you got to go back to 2.4. A bugfix release (2.5.0a) is scheduled to be released asap. Source: Anthony via Ticket.
  5. Hi, I've had issues already some weeks ago, but I sorted them out by following the FAQs on upgrading to 2.4. Problem also was that the service was not running. Once it has been sorted out, everything was fine all the time. Today, I uninstalled 2.4 and installed 2.5. Drives gone, Drive Bender Service not running. Trying to start manually resulted in an error (1037, unexpected exit). Uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted several times, no luck. Followed the FAQ and used the driver utility. Service still not running. Started manually, mount point was mounted, unmounted some seconds after, service stopped again. Also tried the Mount POint registry entry from the FAQ, no difference, not running with 2.5. Uninstalled 2.5, installed 2.4 -> no problem anymore. I will also open a ticket and send Logs with it. Anyone has an idea?
  6. Final feedback: Server running stable for a couple of days now. After a long file duplication queue which took a few days to process, the health scan identified all multiple primaries and deleted them automatically. Still, the VHyperdrive5.sys errors keep appearing in the log files, apparently without any consequences..... wonder why.
  7. Sure: http://support.division-m.com/entries/20516483-File-conflicts-when-the-same-file-is-on-more-than-one-drive-in-the-pool
  8. Okay, I think I have a solution. I was about to setup my server from scratch yesterday and wanted to try one last thing as I noticed that the crashes were suddenly gone when my external Harddisk Bay was not connected and the pool was empty. So, I uninstalled Drivebender, booted up the Server again, assigned drive letters to the external disks. I ran Windows chkdsk on all of them (5 external disks), and on two of them chkdisk found and corrected errors (unfortunately it was not too specific about WHAT it has done...). Anyway, after this I removed the drive letters and installed DB again, using the latest driver updates from anthony after the installation finished and rebooted. The Windows log entries of the driver are still there occasionally (but, according to Anthony, these are usually benign - anyway, I'd like to know what causes them to stop them from appearing. At last, this driver operates a lot of data). I am still left with multiple primaries, but Anthony linked my to a Registry Value that can change the default behaviour and delete the multiples. It should do so on a file system health scan, but right now I have a queue of about 45000 files being validated. DB came up with system alerts about multiple primaries before I changed the registry value to delete these files, I hope when Validation is finished, which may take some days, I'll be able to get rid of those automatically.
  9. Windows Crashdumps and Event logs. Crashes seemed to cease, I had none for several days. But the I detected that I had multiple primary files in several directories. (I think this happened after a repair pool action which I tried because I thought maybe some corrupted pool information data might get repaired that is causing the crashes. DB told me that it recovered about 10000 missing primary files (they were NOT missing)). Now it won't detect them as doubles, the file duplication tools won't remove the primary duplicates, my harddisks are running full so I had to disable duplication, and after I tried another pool repair - tadaa, my crashes are back, about every 10 minutes. This is really f*ed up beyond what I understand and I fear that I have to reinstall the complete server installation and install an whole new pool. Damn :-(
  10. I will. No crashes in the last 24 hours, Anthony got back to me and is investigating. Oh, yeah, one "crash"... i dropped my external HDD with the server backups. I do not have my serverbackups now anymore Need to get a new backup disk.
  11. Mmh, removed my internal harddrives from the pool and physically disconnected the drives - error messages and crashes stay, dumps are always ponting to the DB driver :-( Hope I get an answer from Anthony soon after the weekend (and hope he can do something for me), this is really screwed up here.
  12. One of the first things I tried, yes. Unistall, reinstall, V1.9.5 as well as 2.3.0, as well as acomplete system restore from backup... What I notice now: I am about to remove my two internal drives from the pool (all others are in an external USB3.0 case), and as the error persisted with only the two internal pooled drives running, I'd suppose that one of these might be faulty if it is a hardware issue (pool in fault tolerant mode). Now, with the pool running with all harrdrives and removal of the two internal disks (chkdisk run fine on them with no errors, SMART is ok), I still keep getting The VHyperDrive5 log entries (but MUCH fewer, used to be there every few minutes) and my server hasn't crashed for almost 24 hours now. This is a really, really annoying situation.
  13. Thanks a lot, anyway. I am using my time now to remove harddisks one by one and see if problems continue. At least the server crashed only 2 times last night (instead of crashing every 10 minutes or so). Though there are no errors reported by SMART ord by checkdisk, I am not finally sure that everything is okay with the harddrives. Too bad I can't pin it down....
  14. Already did this, but it's just been 24 hours and it's weekend. Hoped that anyone might have some hint for me earlier, this is really annoying (and I really can't find the issue...tried all day)
  15. All checkdisk (full surface scan) and Memtest86+ run without any errors.
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