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  1. i understand that the landing zone is the first drive written to, but what happens after? i think that night the files are copied out right? my question is, say i use a 3tb WD black as my lz, will files ever stay on the drive if the other drives in the pool fill up?
  2. download link takes me to http://files.division-m.com/DriveBender v2500a.exe
  3. 2.5 all of the sudden stopped being able to create a mount point. came here and saw the beta and said wth...works now! thanks!
  4. thank you so much, worked!
  5. how do i set up the smtp server? i have gmail but that requires ssl.
  6. This is good information. Thank you. Can you tell me if I purchase a license do I need to first unmount all of the drives (that I manually mounted to access my data)? where is your bold lettering? i miss it
  7. i installed 1.3 over 1.2.5
  8. exactly...24th has come and gone and no word.
  9. it actually was a drivebender(ish) issue. i disabled file duplication on the dropbox folder and was able to mklink successfully.
  10. there are plenty of docs on their website and a free trial setup on a vm/spare server would answer all of your questions. but yes you could remove the drive and it will act as normal. also drive bender removes the drive letter from the drive and creates 1 mount point to access all drives in the pool. you can still access each individual drive separately by reassigning a drive letter to it though. drive bender users windows permissions.
  11. cause im symlinking folders within the pool
  12. anybody? can somebody at least run a test for me? try creating one? - edit: nevermind, i created one on another pool just fine. has to be something else.
  13. are there issues with using symlinks on a drive pool? im trying to do a directory link using mklink and it is saying the drive is not empty
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