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  1. Thanks @ revengineer. It appears I attempted to add a bad 3TB WD NAS drive to the pool. I think DB was trying to write to it to balance the storage pool but nothing was writing. After a reboot the pool went into fail safe. I forced remove the new "BAD" drive, then had to power off remove the drive. Upon restart the pool is back but still needing a new drive added. At least no damage done but it was a little scary for a bit. It's amazing how well the DB pool can recover from these types of issues. Now to warranty the 3TB NAS Red, bought it months ago but wait until I need it before a
  2. I've recently installed a new drive into my storage pool. I was down to about 2.76TB left, so I removed a 1TB drive and replaced it with a 3TB drive. I have a reasonably large storage pool with DB, it states about 16TB. However since I installed the new 3TB drive I keep getting this Missing Folder Alert message pop-up. As well, I have TB of data duplicated but DB doesn't seem to want to confirm that any more, suggesting only 242GB of duplicate used. As well there are tons of error logs. See additional attachment. The whole file usage graph appears off - Can't add attachme
  3. Yep, that or not run MB3 server. I can't seem to delete the extended partition on the OS hard drive. It's what got me into this trouble in the first place. I call it drive U (Temp Drive) it's 640GB and I can't even format it. Looked all over for answers with no success. Only option is completely wipe the OS 750GB drive and reinstall the OS, then immediately make the partition changes and then reinstall all my apps. I could try imaging software or a fresh OS WHS server backup, manually wipe the drive, make the partitions and then try to load the fresh backup on to the OS drive but I t
  4. Up to 341GB more freed up. It doesn't seem to be climbing from there but that's about right based on the size of the DB pool before duplication restarted + free space on the 4TB drive before merge.
  5. Thanks but more to the point - Well done Drive Bender!!! Even as we speak, when the original process was done I only had about 1TB left on the pool but it appears DB is still hard at work removing triplicate files back down to duplicate as I now have 1.3TB free, so it's found another 300GB worth of files that were triplicate across the pool due to the reintegration of the drive into the pool
  6. 100% complete, merge tasks done. Everything looks good! Going to do a few manual checks but it looks like I'm back in business! THANKS CBers!!! Now, after testing, just have to move the drive back to the SATA enclosure. Test to make sure it's working. Then follow the DB instructions on reinstalling an OS. Reinstall WHS2011, reinstall my apps and after about a week or so without a fully functioning production server I should be back and running, better then before.
  7. Definitely progress. Sept 8 or 10 - Check state of duplication with merged / converted folders - 0% complete I agree, USB3 is fast but it isn't that fast at it is a lot of data. I suspect this next task might take a while as I have a significant volume of files duplicated and the ones lost when the 4TB was taken out would result in triplicate files in the Pool right now. Might take a while for the system to go through it.
  8. Update: Server rebooted on my a little while ago. I only remote in so I hadn't noticed. 4TB is back into the pool and the folder/file structure looks good so far. Opened DB, merge task is currently at step 6 of 10, "Adding the folder structure from the new drive to the pool". So far so good, thanks CBers! I'll posted updates as progress continues.
  9. I was thinking this through and I may have realized a possible error in my ways. The drive that was not part of the pool, well, I pulled it from the SATA enclosure and popped it into my external USB3 dock to take a look at the drive to confirm it was the right one. Anyway, of course, when I hit go on the "Merge" option, I didn't think to put the drive back into the SATA enclosure so DB is trying to merge the 4TB drive with 3.17 TB used back into the pool through USB3. I wonder if that is that could be the cause of the very long run time? I may have to wait it out, however, long it
  10. Still running on step 1 of 10. Yes, if I look in the pool drive "D", I do see, for example, the missing episodes in the pool now. For example, from in first post: "Repaired pool without DB2 in the pool, a 4TB drive with 3.17TB used. Current pool is 558GB in size and DB2 has folders that also exist in the pool. For example, folder A had 6 files in it. Now folder A exists on DB2 and the DB pool except Folder A contains files 1, 2, 4, 6 in the DB pool and DB2 contains Folder A with files 3 & 5." Files 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 all appear in the pool. I haven't tried opening a
  11. It's been running since the my last post, still on operation 1 of 10 - Getting required locks on the pool. I'm just letting it's do it's thing however long it takes.
  12. Going to give the merge a try. Should I merge at the [Root Folder] (Default) or should I merge at the folder level, specifically [server Folders] (4TB) into [server Folders] (Pool)? I assume because this is already named DB2, I don't need to enable drive volume renaming? Thanks for you help CBers!
  13. Not yet, I haven't tried your suggestion of adding the 4TB drive back into the pool and seeing if it will merge. Just concerned about the consequences and what risks there are as I certainly have data in the pool I don't want to loose? Are you aware of anyone who has done so? I'm debating if the unexpected cost of a drive is insignificant in relation to the value of the data, if it's the solution with the higher success rate. Once I try to add the 4TB drive back into the pool, there is no turning back.
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