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  1. Well its going on day 2 and my third drive is still pending adding. I'm not sure if this is normal or not but I have 2 2TB drives in the pool currently and I'm trying to add a 3rd 2TB drive. So there has been a little yellow exclamation over the 3rd drive along with the drive state saying 'pending drive add'.


    Is this normal?


    Also my log files have continued to grow, I've got 8 100mb log or .sil files and the latest one continues to keep growing in size. I also cannot create or copy any files to the pool, it just says 'you need permissions to perform this action'


    Hopefully someone can help me figure out what is going on as I also have an open ticket for this issue.

  2. I may have to try and disable Log Me In when I get home, I'm currently having an issue adding a drive to the pool. There is a yellow flag on the drive saying 'Pending drive add' and its been like that for over 12hrs now. I've also tried to copy a file to the pool and it says 'you do not have the correct permissions to do this'.


    I do have a ticket open for this, hopefully shutting down LMI will fix the issue.

  3. Sounds like I've got the same issue. I was never a beta tester so I have a new license and when I try to active it locks up the drive bender manager. I have to kill the process and then open it up again to see drive bender.


    I currently have an open ticket for this but the logs are reporting the error. So I'm not sure whats going on with it.

  4. I ran into this issues a couple of times but only when clicking their site from a search engine. After they updated their site it was doing a redirect to live.drivebender.com (i think) which now shows nothing.


    Anyways I havent had any issues recenlty.



  5. Just curious, but I was wondering what everyone's transfer speeds are? Mine seem pretty slow and was wondering if its normal and want to know what everyone's speeds are.


    DB Version

    HighPoint RocketRaid 2680 with latest firmware

    4 2TB drives Seagate 5900rpm (no raid)


    Transferring from one of the 2TB drives to the pool which currently has 2 of the 2TB drives = 25mb / sec.

    (Reason im moving files instead of merging the drive to the pool is because I want to be able to turn on duplication.)


    Going to test transfer speed from one 2TB drive to another 2TB drive not in the pool. Will post results when some files are finished moving.


    Do these transfer speeds sound right?




    System Specs:

    MB: Asus P8B-WS

    CPU: Xeon E3-1235

    MEM: 16GB Kignston DDR3

    OS: Win7 Ultimate - Raid1 on 2 500GB WD 7200rpm

    RocketRaid 2680 - MiniSAS 8087 to 4 2TB Seagate 5900rpm drives (non-raid)


  6. I'm trying to figure out how to purchase DriveBender but cant seem to find out how? Per the website it says

    Finally if you want to take advantage of the pre-release sale, you need to do so before the 14th of October, once Drive Bender has been release, the sale ends.


    Is this something only beta testers have access to? Can I not purchase DB?

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